One of the key players in plumbing fixture manufacturing adopts Salesforce platform to bring Consistency, Efficiency and Effectiveness into business processes throughout local and international operations. SAP and other systems were integrated with Salesforce to have consistent project quoting throughout the organization and provide exceptional after sales service to wholesalers and customers.  salesforce sales service case study

Use Case:

Prior to the engagement, this plumbing fixture manufacturing giant did not have any unified system to generate quotes due to which every salesperson used to provide inconsistent quotes to the customers. This was bringing a huge challenge of keeping consistency of quotes throughout the organization. This was also bringing challenges for the service team due to which after sales service was compromised. The downstream effects include unsatisfied customers with different price quotes, compromising on quality service and no data to market and expand the business. salesforce sales service case study


Technologies integrated  

  • SAP
  • ATS – Canada
  • BIMSA – Mexico
  • PROS – Pricing 
  • STIBO – Products

The Challenge:

  • Highly complex business model to accommodate in a flawless and expendable process which meets all department and future needs.
  • Highly complex security model to prevent data visibility across the org. 
  • Real Time integration to bring required information to Salesforce from SAP and other connected systems.
  • Creating the object structure that meets the multi thread relationship structure.
  • Work across multiple teams: Sales, Projects, Customer Services, Technical Support, Marketing.
  • Generate real time quotes and sales proposals for different type of customers within Salesforce.
  • Automated dashboard and reports for sales and service leadership.


  • Multiple versions of quote with different price for same project.
  • No proper system for customer support.
  • Near to no automation to make processes easy to follow and use. 
  • Multiple systems to work with.
  • Multiple systems across the globe.
  • Manual sales reporting.


  • Single platform for all customer interactions.
  • Consistent pricing model for all projects regardless of Retired mainframe system in phases by bring all existing/new processes required to perform day to day operations.
  • 360 view of customer on fingertips.
  • Consistent system across the globe.
  • Better automated Sales reporting.

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