What is the Purpose of Campaign Monitor for Salesforce?

With this integration, you’ll no longer need your tech team to manually pull a list or gather data for you before you can create the hyper-targeted emails your subscribers expect.

Campaign Monitor makes it radically easy to run professional email marketing campaigns to reach your goals without ever having to leave the Salesforce platform. You’ll have all the tools you need to test and optimize your emails for the best results and 24/7 support to ensure your success.

Campaign Monitor empowers users to effectively manage customer data, They can execute and evaluate the success of email campaigns, all seamlessly within their Salesforce organization.

Once the integration is installed and configured, users gain visibility into email campaign activity. All directly from contact, lead, or campaign pages. They can effortlessly create new subscribers from Salesforce leads. A pivotal feature includes the synchronization of accounts, ensuring users consistently work with the latest and most accurate data across both platforms.

  • View email statistics directly within Salesforce
  • Map Campaign Monitor email fields with SFDC
  • Automatically add Subscribers
  • Never have to leave Salesforce
Campaign Monitor and Salesforce

How Can I Establish the Connection between Campaign Monitor and Salesforce?

Combine the power of Campaign Monitor to gain your email marketing independence. Get your days back.

To initiate the connection between Campaign Monitor – SFDC, you must have paid accounts for both applications. Begin by installing the app from the AppExchange into Salesforce. Then proceed with the installation and setup guide. The key requirement is a valid Campaign Monitor account.

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