Many times marketers are challenged to create a customer journey based on data points or events that haven’t currently been captured in the Salesforce platform.  Once you create an object in Salesforce, you have to determine if your object can successfully trigger a Salesforce journey.

These easy steps help you quickly answer the question: can your Salesforce object trigger a Salesforce journey.

  1. In Marketing Cloud, create a journey.
  2. Drag the Salesforce Data Event tile onto the Journey Builder canvas.
  3. To configure the event, click the icon.
  4. Select Salesforce Data.
  5. In Select an Object, look for the object you’re interested in. If you don’t see an object, it can’t be used to trigger a journey.
object trigger a Salesforce Journey Builder

Most, but not all, Experience Cloud objects can be used for creating journeys. This list includes the available objects along with a description, their eligibility status, API object, and use cases (as appropriate).

Experience Cloud Objects

ObjectDescriptionStatusAPIExample Use Case
Sites and Membership
NetworkA site and its settingsNot Workflow-enabledNot ReplicableNetwork
NetworkMemberIndividual user membershipsWorkflow-enabledReplicableNetworkMemberTriggers when a new member joins the community
NetworkMemberGroupList of profiles and permission sets added to a site (not related to Chatter groups)Not Workflow-enabledNot ReplicableNetworkMemberGroup
Chatter Groups
CollaborationGroupA Chatter groupWorkflow-enabledNot ReplicableCollaborationGroup
CollaborationGroupMemberMember of a Chatter groupWorkflow-enabledReplicableCollaborationGroupMemberTriggers when a user joins a Chatter Group in the Community
CollaborationGroupFeedA single item on a Chatter group feedNot Workflow-enabledReplicableCollaborationGroupFeed
FeedItemEntry in the feedWorkflow-enabledReplicableFeedItemTriggers when user asks a question or makes another type of feed post
FeedCommentComment added to a feed by a userNot Workflow-enabledReplicableFeedComment
TopicA topicWorkflow-enabledReplicableTopic
TopicAssignmentRelationship between a topic and an entityWorkflow-enabledReplicableTopicAssignmentTriggers when a user posts a question on a specific topic, or adds a topic to any FeedItem
EntitySubscriptionSubscription for following a record or another userNot Workflow-enabledReplicableEntitySubscriptionTriggers when a user follows a topic, user, or record
CaseService caseWorkflow-enabledReplicableCaseTriggers when a user opens or updates a case
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