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Salesforce Action Plans

Salesforce Action Plans Explained

An action plan defines the tasks and other items needed to complete a business process. Each task has a priority, a number of days in which it must be completed, and a person who is responsible for its completion. Action plans are created from action plan templates, which allow you to capture repeatable tasks. Users

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Salesforce Sales Acronyms

Here is a helpful glossary of sales terminology you may hear when discussing Salesforce sales. Salesforce Sales Acronyms Acronym Meaning Defintion BANT Budget, Authority, Need, Time A framework that helps sales reps judge how qualified a lead is/their propensity to purchase (how likely they are to purchase). From there, sales reps can focus their attention

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Salesforce Loyalty Management

Salesforce Loyalty Management Explained

In January 2021, Salesforce unveiled Loyalty Management, aiming to assist businesses in actively engaging and rewarding their customers. Employing a user-friendly interface without the need for coding, the platform empowers businesses to construct scalable loyalty programs. This flexibility extends to the creation of diverse programs, such as tiered memberships or points-per-purchase. Loyalty Management is adaptable,

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Salesforce Order Management

Salesforce Order Management Explained

An Entire Solution for Commerce In addition to both B2B and B2C Commerce Cloud, Salesforce has introduced Order Management, an application constructed on the core Salesforce platform. This application facilitates order fulfillment through automated workflows. What is Salesforce Order Management?  It’s a platform for managing orders, customer records, fulfillment, inventory visibility, payments and invoicing, and

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Salesforce Asset Managment

Asset Management Salesforce

Can Salesforce do asset management? You can manage assets in Consumer Goods (desktop) and in the Consumer Goods offline mobile app in Salesforce. Let’s understand the process in detail. Create Asset Templates and Asset Types: Before you create assets, ensure that admins have created asset templates and asset types. Assets are items, such as refrigerators

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Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic’s Successful Salesforce Track Record

Salesforce Technology Services Integrator – Tectonic has successfully delivered Salesforce in a variety of industries including Public Sector, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Health Life Sciences.  Read on about Tectonic’s successful Salesforce track record. Our primary focus is assisting clients with their Salesforce needs to solve business challenges.  We work at the intersection of CRM, Marketing, Big

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