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Engage the Donors of Your Nonprofit

Explore these eight effective strategies for involving supporters in your nonprofit organization for improved engagement. The art of engaging nonprofit donors starts here: Customize Communication: Conduct Donor Research: Foster Trust to engage nonprofit donors: Extend Beyond Requests: Acknowledge Donors: Establish a Membership Program to engage nonprofit donors: Actively Engage on Social Media: Optimize Your Website

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Improving Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Sustaining competitiveness continues to demand businesses prioritize personalization and agility in their customer experience strategy in 2023. Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce are attainable. Read on. “You are caller number 10; please stay on the line.” A few years ago, a phone message like this from a company was a standard part of the customer

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Salesforce Data Cloud

Drive Sales and Service With Real Time Data

Sales and Service Personalization: drive sales with real time data Enhance customer and prospect interactions by integrating real-time engagement data directly into your sales and service consoles. Provide service teams with the ability to proactively address queries and deliver effective case resolutions by swiftly accessing a customer’s recent interactions across diverse business touchpoints. Empower your

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Choosing the Right Survey Platform for Salesforce

The world of customer feedback and survey platforms within the Salesforce ecosystem has undergone significant evolution in recent years. Choosing the right survey platform for Salesforce depends on your business needs. Businesses now have numerous options for selecting a survey platform that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce. However, with many offerings boasting similar features and benefits,

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Zapier Google Forms Salesforce Surveys

Companies frequently encounter the common need to gather survey data in Salesforce from leads, donors, and customers. Addressing this requirement, Tectonic can leverage an integration solution through Google Forms via Zapier, seamlessly delivering data directly into your Salesforce org at an affordable cost, particularly suitable for non-profits and small businesses. The Google Forms Advantage: Google

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Cool Ways to Use Surveys With Salesforce

Leveraging survey forms is an effective way to gather real-life insights from individuals crucial to your organization. Salesforce facilitates survey integration either through Salesforce Surveys and Feedback Management (add-on license) or by seamlessly integrating web forms with Salesforce. Storing feedback in your CRM, linked to comprehensive contact information, is an obvious advantage. Salesforce surveys give

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