Leveraging survey forms is an effective way to gather real-life insights from individuals crucial to your organization. Salesforce facilitates survey integration either through Salesforce Surveys and Feedback Management (add-on license) or by seamlessly integrating web forms with Salesforce.

Storing feedback in your CRM, linked to comprehensive contact information, is an obvious advantage. Salesforce surveys give you real-time feedback.  However, adopting an integrated web form approach offers additional benefits. Here are seven ideas to enhance your survey integration with Salesforce, ensuring valuable customer insights:

  • Prefill Information into Surveys Through a Link:
    • Tip: Prefill survey forms with existing customer data, reducing customer effort.
    • Benefit: Improves response rates by easing the burden on customers.
  • File Uploads in Salesforce Survey Forms:
    • Tip: Include a file upload field to support answers visually.
    • Benefit: Enhances feedback visualization, providing better insight into customer issues.
  • Send Partial Survey Responses to Salesforce:
    • Tip: Capture partial survey results in Salesforce to gather insights, even if surveys are incomplete.
    • Benefit: Ensures valuable information is stored, even for unfinished surveys.
  • Send Links to Survey Forms Through Salesforce Email:
    • Tip: Simplify survey administration by sending forms via Salesforce email.
    • Benefit: Enables efficient survey distribution through Salesforce, streamlining processes.
  • Centralized Customer CRM Review:
    • Tip: Store feedback results in a single custom object tied to relevant Salesforce objects.
    • Benefit: Offers centralized visibility into customer interactions, preventing awkward or negative interactions.
  • Account Health Status:
    • Tip: Create a mini dashboard displaying feedback data on the Account page.
    • Benefit: Provides real-time, customized visibility into account health.
  • Automate Your Feedback Closed Loop Process:
    • Tip: Utilize survey solutions with logic for task creation or Chatter updates based on survey results.
    • Benefit: Automates the feedback-to-action process, ensuring a proactive response to survey feedback.

Integrating survey forms with Salesforce is a strategic move to enhance customer experience and internal processes. Implementing these tips will not only improve the effectiveness of your Salesforce surveys but also align internal practices with best standards. Choose a tip that fits your needs and contributes to the success of your Salesforce surveys.

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