What is Datorama Salesforce?

Datorama is a channel and partner agnostic platform that can help marketing organizations in 6 specific ways: Build a single source of all data, at enterprise scale — augmented with Data Lake and CDP.

What is the purpose of Datorama Salesforce?

Datorama takes all your raw marketing data and connects and unifies it through a better unified data model. Byeliminating siloed data. You can easily retrieve constantly changing data sources into automated dashboards and reports, too.  And in real time.

What are the benefits of Datorama?

Datorama solves many of the major integration challenges of combining and analyzing data from multiple media platforms. Through native data connectors and TotalConnect. It allows you to visually present your analysis to your audience in a more appealing way.

Are Datorama and Tableau the same thing?

Datorama is tailored towards marketing analytics and provides real-time insights into marketing success with AI-powered insights. Tableau is a more versatile tool that can connect and visualize data from various sources. Tableau can provide a comprehensive view of business performance through personalized visualization and allow users to explore data in real-time with interactive dashboards.

U.S. sales and marketing software company Salesforce signed an agreement to acquire Datorama. Datorama was an Israeli cloud-based artificial intelligence marketing platform.

Datarama Salesforce is now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

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