Datorama serves as an all-in-one platform for monitoring and managing marketing data, investments, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) data platform, Datorama facilitates the onboarding and visualization of marketing data from various sources, including ad servers, search, social, DSPs, POS, and CRM.

Key features of this marketing suite include:

  • Access to a marketplace of powerful marketing apps,
  • Integration of any data source with connectors such as TotalConnect, LiteConnect, and other marketing API Connectors,
  • Building advanced dashboards equipped with tools tailored for marketers,

AI-powered insights designed to drive optimizations.

  • Originally developed for the ad technology field, Datorama is a platform that stores and visualizes marketing data, streamlining reporting processes for companies and enhancing insights for their clients.

Datorama Reports are available in two versions: standard and advanced. The standard version, known as Datorama Reports (now Intelligence Reports for Engagement), includes dashboards, pivot tables, and intuitive reports displaying simple statistics. Additionally, Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud provide detailed analyses of email campaigns, push notifications, and customer journey data at the campaign level, revealing deep marketing insights and campaign performance.

Datorama Features – Now Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Datorama, now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence, is Salesforce’s cloud-based AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics tool. This platform enables marketers to harness business intelligence by consolidating various marketing sources into a unified data model.

Datorama addresses three main aspects of a customer’s business through its platform: Connect and Mix, Analyze & Act, and Visualize. This marketing intelligence platform allows users to connect their entire MarTech stack, offering flexibility and control.

Datorama’s Marketing Integration Engine bridges marketing data across the entire technology stack into a single source, enabling the creation of real-time reports at scale.

The implementation timeline for Datorama varies based on project complexity. Moderate to semi-complex projects with eight to 12 data sources may take between eight to ten weeks. Complex projects with 15 to 25 or more data sources could take between 14 to 18 weeks.

As of July 2022, Datorama is now referred to as Marketing Cloud Intelligence.

Content updated July 2022.

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