The digital era (sometimes considered the third industrial revolution) has transformed the dynamics of customer-business interactions, demanding a proactive approach to customer engagement across diverse channels. Navigating this ever-evolving world is essential for business success, and Social Studio is a valuable asset in this endeavor.

Social Studio, in conjunction with Einstein AI, plays a pivotal role in achieving social media success. Recognizing the significance of social media in shaping brand identity and fostering customer relationships, marketers are tasked with maintaining an active and responsive presence across various social media platforms. This challenge is met by Social Studio, offering a centralized hub for comprehensive social media management.

This platform facilitates content planning and publication, team collaboration, content approval, audience engagement, and performance analysis. Equipped with advanced scheduling tools, user-friendly content creation features, and customizable approval rules, Social Studio ensures the safeguarding of your brand’s integrity across multiple platforms and messaging.

Notably, Social Studio seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, providing an all-encompassing solution for efficient social media management. Its capabilities extend to user role management, image classification through Einstein Vision, and process automation using macros.

With Social Studio, users gain access to a unified platform for content creation, scheduling, and monitoring, audience interaction, and performance analysis. Whether collaborating within a team or managing multiple accounts, Social Studio streamlines social media efforts, empowering users to achieve their goals. Embrace the advantages of this robust tool for an enhanced social media experience!

Social Studio is a one-stop solution to manage, schedule, create, and monitor posts. You can organize posts by brand, region, or multiple teams and individuals in a unified interface. Social Studio offers powerful real-time publishing and engagement.

Social Studio offers powerful real-time publishing and engagement platform for content marketers, plus the comprehensive content performance by social network and time frame. A single interface offers a fully customizable team-based collaboration platform that analyzes channel and content performance. Analyze current trends and recommend new content ideas.

With Social Studio you can:

  • Create and configure workspaces to quickly organize teams by region, either across the world, country, or down the street. Organize workspaces by brand or business function. You can use workspaces to promote collaboration for campaigns, content creation, and publishing.
  • Use workspace calendars to create and design full preview content with full preview. You can manage your future and past content calendar with fully featured planning and scheduling tools designed for teams.
  • Create content and schedule perfect social content tailored to specific social networks using our intelligent social network-centric platform beyond just a text entry box.
  • Promote your content by buying Facebook ads right from Social Studio and integrating with Ad campaigns.
  • Preview and approve content before going live using easy to create customized approval rules. Approval rules can protect your brand integrity and ensuring a consistent voice. Notifications for approvers appear in Social Studio, by email. If logged in and using Social Studio Mobile, notifications appear as push notifications.
  • Engage and respond to your social audience and focus on the changing content. You can use shortcuts and bulk actions aligning objectives, teams, and permissions with other content goals.
  • Automate common actions and processes to classify, report, and route content using Macros.
  • Measure how content is performing (either in real-time or past performance) and view the analytics by post, subgroup, label, campaign, or particular target.

Social Studio Components

Social Studio is made up of these components:

  • Admin – Manage administrative functions from one location like user, topic profile, social account, macro, and user management. You can also manage settings for your organization. Connect existing Salesforce Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud accounts for integration to Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud.
  • Publish – Enables you to create and publish content, at scale, across channels, and in near real time.
  • Engage – Engage allows Community Managers to moderate and join conversations started with the content created using Publish. Use classification and workflow controls to manage any scale of social engagement enabling more complex use cases such as Social Customer Service and lead generation.
  • Analyze – To monitor multiple social accounts and topic profiles, monitor discussions from owned social accounts and broader social news. Create custom dashboards. Dashboards can be printed as a PDF for hardcopy records and sharing.
  • Einstein – Use artificial intelligence to automatically classify incoming images. Einstein can classify the images by set food, logo, scene, and object classifiers. The data returned can provide deeper insights on what is important and being discussed about your brand.

Note: Salesforce will sundown Social Studio on November 18, 2024, but some users will lose access before then if their contract expires sooner.  Salesforce recommends retrieving your Social Studio data at least 90 days before the Order End Date of your Marketing Cloud Social Studio Product(s) or November 18, 2024, whichever is sooner. 

The digital, or third industrial revolution is the shift from mechanical and analogue electronic technologies from the Industrial Revolution towards digital electronics which began in the latter half of the 20th century.  This was prompted with the adoption and evolution of digital computers. (source)

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