Salesforce, the leading global CRM provider, has unveiled Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI CRM technology. Engineered to craft personalized content across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interactions, Einstein GPT aims to enhance employee productivity and elevate customer experiences.

While Salesforce had previously integrated AI into its ecosystem with Einstein AI, the introduction of Einstein GPT represents a notable advancement. Leaning on OpenAI’s capabilities, Einstein GPT is an empowered iteration of existing technology, aligning with Salesforce’s commitment to artificial intelligence technology adoption.

Einstein GPT from Salesforce

Einstein GPT operates as an open and extensible platform, leveraging trusted, real-time data for training. It facilitates public and private AI models tailored for CRM, integrating seamlessly with OpenAI to offer generative AI capabilities. This enables users to connect data to OpenAI’s advanced models or choose external models, employing natural-language prompts within Salesforce CRM for content generation that dynamically adapts to evolving customer information and needs.

The technology infusion of Einstein GPT involves combining Salesforce’s proprietary AI models with generative AI tech from an ecosystem of partners and real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud. This combination allows the generation of personalized content, including emails for sales, responses for customer service, targeted content for marketers, and auto-generated code for developers.

The collaboration with OpenAI extends Salesforce’s capabilities by merging OpenAI’s enterprise-grade ChatGPT with Salesforce’s private AI models. Additionally, Salesforce Ventures announced the Generative AI Fund. This is a $250 million investment initiative supporting startups to foster responsible, trusted, and generative AI development.

Einstein GPT from Salesforce

Einstein GPT introduces various applications, such as Einstein GPT for Sales, Service, Marketing, and Developers. These applications empower users to auto-generate things they used to have to write. Sales tasks, enhanced customer service interactions, dynamically created personalized content, and improved developer productivity through an AI chat assistant.

To further enhance collaboration, Salesforce and OpenAI introduced the ChatGPT for Slack app. Thus offering AI-powered conversation summaries. The research tools and writing assistance within the Slack platform are aided by Einstein..

Prominent organizations like HPE, L’Oréal, RBC US Wealth Management, and S&P Global Ratings have acknowledged the value of generative AI. They are all improving customer engagement.

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