Formstack stands out as the preferred online forms provider for Salesforce users seeking efficient data collection and management. Trusted by over 25,000 customers nationwide, Formstack helps streamline data collection, automate workflows, and save valuable time. Formstack Salesforce integration brings the power of Formstack to your Salesforce org.

Incorporate automation for data collection, document generation, and signature capture directly within Salesforce. With Formstack.

Forms for Salesforce not only enhances team efficiency by saving an average of 20 hours per week but also empowers users to concentrate on impactful work. A remarkable 90% of customers affirm that Formstack significantly contributes to accomplishing their tasks.

With Formstack for Salesforce, you can eliminate data silos, boost productivity, and enhance the customer experience through dynamically prefilled forms, automated document generation, and streamlined digital signature collection—all seamlessly integrated within your Salesforce org.

Leverage the integration to:

  • Map fields from your forms into Salesforce for creating or updating records
  • Enhance data collection with features like A/B testing, Partial Submissions, and form drop-off analytics
  • Capture offline data using the Formstack Go mobile app and seamlessly sync it with Salesforce

Formstack Implementation

Wondering if implementing Formstack requires advanced technical skills or professional support? Not at all, but if needed, Tectonic is ready to assist.

Formstack is designed to elevate workplace productivity by enabling the automation of workflows from initiation to completion using digital forms, documents, and signatures.

Formstack Salesforce integration

Integrate Formstack with Salesforce effortlessly by downloading Formstack Documents from the AppExchange. Once your mappings are set up, you can automate document generation in various ways, whether triggered by a Formstack Forms submission or by adding a Documents button directly to your Salesforce layout.

Formstack boasts a user-friendly interface with features like a drag-and-drop form builder, custom themes, form and payment integrations, session management, data routing, and customizable signing experiences.

For any assistance, reach out to Tectonic today.

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