Sustaining competitiveness continues to demand businesses prioritize personalization and agility in their customer experience strategy in 2023. Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce are attainable. Read on.

“You are caller number 10; please stay on the line.” A few years ago, a phone message like this from a company was a standard part of the customer experience.

But today, customers expect more. They expect callback options. They expect to open a chat window on your website, send a text message or a tweet, and get a near-instant reply. They expect that you already know who they are when they call, that you’re aware of their most recent order, and that you understand what they need next. They don’t want to repeat their information. And they definitely don’t want to wait.

Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce

Here are ways to enhance your customer experience program:

Enhancing Customer Experience for Brand Loyalty:

  • Optimize Digital Platforms:
    • Given the rising focus on digital-first experiences, ensure websites and apps offer optimal user experiences.
    • Employ a comprehensive approach involving user research, testing, and A/B testing.
    • Evaluate success using metrics like page load time, bounce rate, and conversion rate.
  • Create a Holistic Feedback Loop:
    • Acknowledge the significance of customer feedback and establish a comprehensive customer experience journey map.
    • Analyze critical touchpoints and promptly address issues.
    • Collect, analyze, and act upon feedback in real-time, ensuring accessibility to relevant stakeholders for swift action.

Advance Personalized Experiences:

  • Utilize Automated Tools:
    • Streamline the challenging task of personalizing customer experiences with automated tools.
    • Learn hyper-personalization best practices from industry experts.
    • Leverage data analytics and machine learning (ML) for insights into customer behavior, enabling a personalized experience.
  • Understand Customer Needs:
    • Concentrate on comprehending customer needs, preferences, and history to tailor interactions accordingly.

By concentrating on these core areas, organizations can navigate the evolving CX landscape, delivering exceptional customer experiences. Tectonic is poised to collaborate, customizing Salesforce tools to craft remarkable customer experiences.

CX-Customer experience, gets thrown around a lot. But how is it defined, and what does it mean?

“Customer experience and service have converged, it’s more than call centers and successful responses to problems. It is service opportunities in sales, support, and marketing. Delivering great customer experiences now means providing amazing, almost magical service at every opportunity.”

Peter Schwartz, Salesforce senior vice president of strategic planning

Improved Customer Experiences with Salesforce

What Does Customer Experience Mean?

Customer experience encompasses every interaction a prospect or customer has with a business, spanning various channels and touchpoints. Here’s how to enhance customer experience with Salesforce:

  • Use Salesforce To Understand Your Customers Better:
    • Leverage integrations to keep all customer data in one place.
    • Make valuable data fields required for segmentation and personalized service.
    • Use surveys to gather feedback and improve services.
  • Data To Create Personalized Experiences:
    • Personalize customer communications through S-Docs email templates.
    • Leverage Salesforce Mail Merge templates for personalized interactions.
    • Provide customized documents and emails with dynamic content based on Salesforce data.
  • Use Salesforce Service Cloud To Its Full Potential:
    • Integrate Service Cloud with Salesforce Experience Cloud to create a customer service portal.
    • Implement Support Analytics and Account Health Monitoring for data-driven decisions.
    • Create automated workflows for improved team productivity.
  • Adopt A Customer-Focused Mindset Above All Else:
    • Prioritize a customer-focused mindset from top to bottom in the organization.
    • Use technology as a reflection of organizational priorities to enhance customer experiences.

Customers have always wanted a consistently good buying experience and the best value they can get. If they’re not happy buying expensive razor blades, they can sign up for inexpensive monthly delivery. If they’re fed up with mediocre hotel chains that don’t offer value, why not try Airbnb?

The Good News

The good news? Customers are willing to pay a premium for great experiences, and not just great products and services. This means businesses have an opportunity to increase revenue by delighting their customers in a way that no one else can.

What are the 3Rs of customer experience? Science shows that customers are looking for 3 things in every interaction. These can be summarized in the 3 service values: be reliable, be responsive and build relationships.

What are the six pillars of customer experience excellence?

Developed by KPMG Nunwood of the UK following research involving more than one million customers across three continents, the system spotlights six key principles as the building blocks for customer experience success: personalization, integrity, expectations, resolution, time and effort, and empathy.

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