Salesforce, a dominant force in customer relationship management (CRM) systems, revealed a study that suggests that 83% of sales professionals believe their organization is fully leveraging their CRM system. Sounds pretty good, right?  Despite the prevalent automation and intelligence features within modern CRM systems, sales representatives still invest over 70% of their time in manual and repetitive tasks which aren’t focused on closing the deal. Not so good.

This prompts the question: Why do sales reps dedicate so much time to non-selling activities? The answer may reside in the potential for enhanced CRM utilization. Only 37% of inside sales professionals strongly affirm that their organization maximizes their CRM’s capabilities, with inside sales reps identifying a clear opportunity for improvement.

Addressing this issue involves prioritizing features deemed most valuable by sellers. Unsurprisingly, automation and intelligence functionalities are at the forefront. Salesforce, for instance, provides automation capabilities through Salesforce Einstein, utilizing artificial intelligence to automate tasks and deliver insightful analyses.

Salesforce offers an array of tools and features to empower sales reps in their selling efforts, including Salesforce Lightning. Streamlining the sales process and enhancing productivity. Salesforce provides an extensive repository of resources and tutorials to assist sales reps in unlocking the platform’s full potential.

Although CRM systems like Salesforce wield considerable power for sales organizations, their effectiveness hinges on being fully harnessed.

By emphasizing automation and intelligence features, sales reps can allocate more time to selling and less to manual tasks. Fully leveraging Salesforce extends a wealth of tools and resources to help organizations optimize their CRM systems and enhance sales productivity.

Tectonic is ready to elevate your team’s performance through Salesforce tuning and a comprehensive health check. Connect with us today for transformative solutions.

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