Does Google Data Studio integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, Google Data Studio seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, enabling you to consolidate sales and marketing data for insightful analysis. Through powerful visualizations, you can discern which channels drive the most leads and revenue, empowering you to refine your marketing strategies effectively.

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Available since December 2019, the Google Data Studio connector facilitates the utilization of Salesforce databases as data sources for your reports and dashboards. Whether leveraging existing reports, extracting data from specific objects, or crafting custom SOQL queries for precise data extraction, this connector provides flexibility and efficiency in data visualization.

Additionally, the connector is accessible via, offering further convenience and accessibility.

Integrating Salesforce with Looker Studio presents numerous advantages by amalgamating CRM data with advanced analytics and visualization capabilities. Streamline your sales processes, gain deeper insights into customer data, and leverage predictive modeling to forecast future sales trends based on historical Salesforce data.

Moreover, Google Data Studio allows seamless report sharing within your organization or with external parties, facilitating collaboration on business strategies and progress tracking, particularly for larger teams.

Regarding the transition from Google Data Studio to Looker Studio, while the brand name has changed, the capabilities, interface, and functionality remain unchanged. Looker Studio continues to offer robust data visualization tools and analytics capabilities, ensuring continuity in data-driven decision-making processes.

Content updated October 2023.

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