To import GoToWebinar data into Account Engagement, configure the connector.

When utilizing the GoToWebinar connector, consider the following details:

Connector Specifications

  • The GoToWebinar connector integrates exclusively with GoToWebinar (not GoToMeeting or GoToAssist).
  • It synchronizes Standard, Webcast, and Recorded webinar types. The type is displayed for GoToMeeting webinars in reports and webinar detail pages.
  • Recurring webinars are not supported. Create an event for each webinar.
  • Authentication must be done with GoToWebinar credentials only. While it’s possible to authenticate with GoToMeeting or GoToAssist credentials due to GoToWebinar’s API limitations, the connector won’t function.
  • Co-organizers are not supported by the GoToWebinar connector. To sync correctly, the connector user must be the GoToWebinar organizer.
  • The GoToWebinar connector syncs the past 25 months of webinar data.

Webinar Registrations

  • If prospects register via the GoToWebinar form, only their email address, first name, and last name are captured for the new prospect.
  • For more prospect data, use an Account Engagement form and completion action. These prospects will still receive GoToWebinar’s reminder and registration emails.
  • Registration of filtered prospects through an Account Engagement form is not possible, as completion actions do not fire for filtered prospects. To register filtered prospects, remove the filter or have them register through the GoToWebinar registration form.
  • Canceled registrations do not appear in Account Engagement.
  • Registrations and new webinars sync every 10–30 minutes.
  • To register a new user for an event, GoToWebinar requires the Email, First Name, and Last Name fields.
  • The GoToWebinar connector supports connecting multiple accounts to Account Engagement.

Zapier enables the creation of automated workflows between apps without the need for coding. These workflows, known as Zaps, consist of triggers and actions. Triggers initiate the Zap, and actions are the automated events that follow. For example, receiving an email for every new Facebook lead can be a trigger, and sending a Slack message can be the action. Zapier serves as a tool to connect GoToWebinar to Salesforce.

Other webinar tools can also connect with Salesforce Account Engagement. Four categories group possible options for webinar-to-Pardot connectors/integrations:

  • Pardot offers plugins for key webinar players, providing additional functionality such as adjusting prospect scores and displaying webinar names as Prospect activities.
  • Use a plugin developed by the webinar vendor or a third party to connect the webinar platform to Pardot. Options include Zoom and ON24.
  • Utilize a plugin developed by a third party to connect the webinar platform to Salesforce, with information syncing to Pardot via the connector.
  • Custom integration, while more expensive upfront, may be an option, involving a one-time cost with potential challenges in maintenance and reconfiguration if either tool undergoes changes over time.

For assistance implementing GoToWebinar with Salesforce, contact Tectonic today.

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