Granular Data Center Overview in Marketing Cloud Intelligence

The Granular Data Center is an advanced feature tailored for ingesting detailed, raw data into the system. This data can reach a scale of hundreds of millions or even billions of rows due to its granularity. Unlike other data stream types, usage and pricing are based on terabytes of storage rather than row count. Ideal data types for Granular Data Center streams include keyword-level data, event-level data, logs, and precise geodata.

Granular Data Center streams generate corresponding tables of data specific to a workspace.

All data stored in the Granular Data Center fully complies with GDPR regulations and requirements.

The Granular Data Center is a premium feature. For inquiries about purchasing, please contact a Marketing Cloud Intelligence representative at Salesforce.

Deprovisioning the Granular Data Center add-on from an account triggers the following actions:

  • The Granular Data Center tab disappears from the left pane.

Note: System admins and higher can still access the Granular Data Center for 90 days after unchecking the checkbox. Access will be unavailable after this period.

  • Granular Data Center streams and retrievals cease and fail.
  • Queries related to Granular Data Center data (from reports, widgets, or via API, including scheduled tasks) also stop and fail.

Note: System admins and higher can continue running SQL queries and exports for 90 days. After this period, all Granular Data Center data streams are automatically deleted, along with the data.

When retrieving data from the Granular Data Center, be mindful of these timeout limits:

  • Direct retrievals: 1 hour
  • SFMC granular data extensions: 2 hours
  • Retrieval from Granular Data Center into another Granular Data Center: 40 minutes (with builder query), 1 hour (with SQL query)
  • DB retrievals: 30 minutes

Enabling the Granular Data Center in a Workspace

Purchasing the Granular Data Center automatically activates it in the account, but an admin must enable it in the workspace to make the Granular Data Center tab visible.

Viewing Granular Data Center Data

The Granular Data Center landing page provides an overview of all created data streams in that workspace. Users can manage ingested data, aggregations, extracted data, share data streams, create queries, and more from this centralized location.

Creating Granular Data Center Data Streams

Generate a Granular Data Center data stream to ingest detailed data, such as event-level or keyword-level data.

Mapping Granular Data Center Data

Upon file upload or usage of a technical vendor, users are directed to a mapping preview screen where they can verify data identification, modify mapping, add mapping formulas, and more. Each uploaded dataset creates a dynamic table tailored to the loaded data type, impacting data load options and behavior.

Querying Granular Data Centers

Access and extract data from Granular Data Centers within your workspace. Users can also query Granular Data Centers in other workspaces via data sharing. Queries can be manually crafted using an SQL editor or created effortlessly with the Query Builder.

Visualizing Granular Data Center Data

The Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) visually represents tables and connections between specific dimensions. Each block symbolizes a table containing available fields, with lines denoting connections between tables based on specific dimensions.

Sharing Granular Data Centers

Relevant Granular Data Centers can be shared across workspaces within the same account.

Deleting Data from a Granular Data Center

To align with data protection regulations, users have the option to delete data from a Granular Data Center.

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