What is Marketing Cloud Intelligence?

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Intelligence, formerly known as Datorama, is an analytics tool designed to integrate and visualize marketing performance data across various platforms. It caters to analytically driven marketers and seasoned analysts, providing an easy-to-use interface while offering connections to traditional BI tools like Tableau.

Marketing efforts generate extensive data across multiple platforms, and Marketing Cloud Intelligence consolidates all these marketing tools into a centralized source. It serves as a comprehensive solution for reporting, measurement, and optimization.

Market intelligence involves gathering real-time data from the market to understand customers, trends, behaviors, and more, enabling a company to stay competitive and meet market demands.

By leveraging out-of-the-box connections, Marketing Cloud Intelligence seamlessly links platforms like Google, YouTube, Instagram, and others without the need for complex coding. The tool, now known as Marketing Cloud Intelligence, reveals trends, tracks progress against goals, and quantifies the ROI of marketing initiatives once connected.

The system features a connected library of over 170 connectors for acquiring data from major advertising, commerce, CRM, and database vendors. The unique universal connector, powered by AI, allows effortless connection of any data stream within minutes, even from sources lacking an API connection.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence addresses the challenge of data consistency by providing an out-of-the-box marketing data model. It helps organize data into a clear and consistent taxonomy, enriching it with naming conventions, data classification, and automated maintenance alerts for trustworthy decision-making.

Beyond reporting and dashboards, Marketing Cloud Intelligence, with the assistance of Einstein, provides actionable insights. Marketers can select a KPI to improve and create a perpetual pipeline of AI insights, addressing overarching questions or specific areas like reducing spend or analyzing creative impacts.

What can marketers do with Marketing Cloud Intelligence?

Marketers can efficiently compile multiple sources of data in Marketing Cloud using various KPIs, creating at-a-glance and visually appealing dashboards and reports. Marketing Cloud Intelligence, powered by Datorama, facilitates the organization and analysis of diverse data within Marketing Cloud.

What does Marketing Cloud Intelligence do?

Marketing Cloud Intelligence integrates data from marketing and advertising platforms, web analytics, CRM, e-commerce, and more. It offers a unified view for optimizing campaign performance and real-time insights. The tool optimizes marketing spend and customer engagement with unified performance data, automated reporting, and AI-driven insights.

Why is marketing intelligence important in Salesforce?

Marketing intelligence tools help businesses gather and analyze market data. CRM and CDP tools, such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence, unite data from disparate sources to provide a fuller picture of their customers and the marketplace.

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