Connecting Google Analytics 4 Properties to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Now, Google Analytics 4 properties can seamlessly integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud using the Sales Marketing Cloud interface. This integration is available for both GA4 standard and 360 properties, extending to users who previously utilized a similar setup with Universal Analytics 360.

The significance of this integration lies in its ability to synchronize audiences from Google Analytics to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By linking these platforms, you can leverage Analytics audiences in Salesforce email and SMS direct-marketing campaigns, enabling targeted and efficient audience engagement.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Synchronize Audiences with Marketing Cloud: Once you establish the connection between Analytics and Marketing Cloud, you can synchronize audiences directly within Marketing Cloud. These audiences will appear in the Audiences list within Analytics (located under Admin > Audiences). Please allow up to 24 hours for the audiences to become visible in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and ready for targeting.
  2. Audience Identification and Sync Process: When a user accesses your website through a Marketing Cloud campaign link, the Marketing Cloud Subscriber ID (SFMC ID) is transmitted. Google Analytics automatically detects and associates this SFMC ID with other first-party data in Analytics.
  3. Audience Population in Marketing Cloud: After setting up integration within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, any audiences created in Google Analytics and synchronized with Marketing Cloud will populate in Marketing Cloud as lists of SFMC IDs.

Integrate Google Analytics 4 and Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Requirements for Integration: Google outlines specific criteria for enabling integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud and GA4 properties:

  • Create the desired audiences in your Google Analytics property for use in Salesforce.
  • Ensure that URLs are tagged with the Marketing Cloud Subscriber ID to facilitate audience identification.
  • Configure the Google Analytics Integration for Marketing Cloud within Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder.

This integration streamlines audience management across platforms, empowering marketers to leverage Google Analytics insights effectively within Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns for enhanced audience targeting and engagement.

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