What is a Kanban view in Salesforce?

Kanban views show records in a graphical way that helps you monitor your work and keep deals moving ahead. Kanban views are available for most objects, with exceptions such as tasks.

Kanban View in Salesforce

What are the limitations of Kanban view in Salesforce?

You can’t activate a contract in a Kanban view. Kanban views don’t show columns for the standard contract status of Activated. You can’t group contracts by the Owner Expiration Notice field in a Kanban view.

What are the disadvantages of Kanban?

One of the key advantages of Kanban is its flexibility and adaptability, which allows teams to quickly respond to changing requirements and priorities. However, this lack of formal structure can also be a double-edged sword, leading to ambiguity, miscommunication, and a lack of clarity on roles and responsibilities.

kanban view in salesforce

What is the purpose of a Kanban?

A kanban board is an agile project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency (or flow).

Arrange a kanban view to show a graphical view of records in a list view. Each kanban view is based on a list view, and kanban view settings are applied separately for each list view.

If you use kanban views, review considerations for using them with certain objects and other features.

Editing (All Objects)

  • If you don’t have Edit access to a record, you can’t drag its card to a different kanban column.
  • In the kanban details panel, you can’t change a record’s record type or transfer it to a different owner. To edit those fields, navigate to the record or, to transfer ownership, use the kanban card.
  • You can’t perform mass actions in a kanban view.

Currency (All Objects)

  • If your company uses multiple currencies in Salesforce, kanban views show amounts in your personal currency.
  • You can’t use the Currency field to group records in a kanban view.


  • You can’t activate a contract in a kanban view.
  • Kanban views don’t show columns for the standard contract status of Activated.
  • You can’t group contracts by the Owner Expiration Notice field in a kanban view.


  • You can only group Knowledge articles by owner in a kanban view. Grouping by the other standard knowledge fields isn’t supported.


  • You can’t convert a lead in a kanban view.
  • Converted leads are hidden in kanban views.


  • You can’t group opportunities by the Forecast Category field.
  • Kanban cards on opportunities show alerts for overdue tasks, no open activities, and no activity in the last 30 days.
  • When opportunities have no overdue tasks and Einstein Activity Capture is enabled, the alerts on opportunity kanban aren’t shown.
  • Closed Lost opportunities are hidden in kanban views.
  • The opportunity kanban view shows up to 200 records. When you have Closed Lost opportunities, you see fewer than 200 opportunities because Closed Lost opportunities are hidden.
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