Marketing Cloud Personalization introduces an advanced level of customization for both you and your clients. By tracking customer interactions on your website, the system can adjust messaging on web pages and customize experiences based on the products and services that interest your customer.

With Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio), visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management.  SMCP gives you the power to utilize the 4 P’s of marketing personalization.

What are the 4 Ps of marketing personalization?

The timeless 4 Ps of marketing—Product, Place, Price, and Promotion—remain relevant. To capitalize on contemporary capabilities, it’s essential to update strategies.

A recent Infosys survey found that:

  • 59% of consumers say personalization affects their purchasing decisions.
  • 74% of consumers get frustrated when website information is not customized.

While monitoring customer behavior for personalized experiences is not new, the ability to do it in real-time is. To bring this vision to life, rely on Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Salesforce Interaction Studio).

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization is a real-time personalization and interaction management solution, creating personalized experiences at crucial touch points throughout the customer journey.

Marketing Cloud Personalization enables you to:

  • Monitor customer interactions across multiple channels.
  • Analyze data and take appropriate actions based on business rules.
  • Utilize insights to deliver optimal customer experiences.

Other beneficial reasons to implement Marketing Cloud Personalization include:

  • Personalize Experiences: Collect and analyze customer data from various sources, creating unique customer profiles. Leverage real-time segmentation and advanced AI algorithms for personalized experiences.
  • Real-time Data: Collect and analyze data in real-time, responding quickly to changes in customer preferences. Track digital behavior and integrate it with email and offline behavior for a comprehensive understanding.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement: Gain a unified view of customers across channels. Use information gathered from one channel to personalize experiences on any other channel, online or offline.
  • Predictive Insights: Use machine learning to predict customer behavior, delivering highly-relevant content and recommendations.

Impact & Benefits Across Industries:

  • Retail Industry: Improve engagement and sales with personalized product recommendations based on browsing history.
  • Healthcare Industry: Personalize treatment plans and enhance patient care with tailored health education materials.
  • Banking and Finance Industry: Provide personalized recommendations for financial products and services.
  • Travel and Hospitality Industry: Offer personalized travel recommendations, loyalty rewards, and special offers.

Marketing Cloud Personalization captures data from every interaction, building unique customer profiles for known and unknown visitors. It supports web, mobile, and email campaigns, offering real-time personalization experiences and advanced features like triggered and server-side campaigns.

Gears, Feeds, and Catalogs:

  • Gears: Extensions for specific needs, including Flicker Defender to prevent sitemap flickering.
  • Feeds: Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for ingesting data to support catalog setup.
  • Catalogs: Standard and custom objects, related to each other, creating a business context for personalized recommendations and promotions.
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