Revitalize your marketing strategy by personalizing each customer’s experience and maximizing ROI through our cutting-edge personalization engine.

Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio:

Visualize, track, and manage customer experiences with real-time interaction management. Drive valuable engagement at the right moment, tailored to your audience’s preferences. Interaction Studio amplifies Marketing Cloud with expanded real-time personalization.

Two Products to Note:

Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly Interaction Studio):

  • Integrated into Marketing Cloud.

Interaction Studio (Legacy):

  • Standalone product accessible through Marketing Cloud.

Tailoring Website and App Experiences:

Utilize machine learning and AI for personalized web and app interactions. Customize webpage content, in-app experiences, product suggestions, and more. Craft individualized customer journeys targeting specific KPIs from acquisition to retention. Employ real-time user behavior and historical customer data for dynamic calls to action (CTAs), ensuring swift decisions aligned with your customers’ browsing pace.

AI-Enhanced Journey Triggers:

Initiate relevant and real-time experiences guiding customers through their purchasing journey. Leverage AI-driven decisions based on real-time behavior, historical data, and business-specific datasets. Deliver predefined experiences, dynamically adjusting content, channels, or offers based on ongoing customer interactions like browsing or cart abandonment journeys.

Personalization in Sales and Service:

Integrate real-time engagement data into your sales and service platforms to enhance customer and prospect interactions. Empower service teams to proactively address queries and streamline case resolutions. Provide sales teams with valuable insights into an account or prospect’s purchase journey for more relevant conversations and offers.

Unlock the Full Potential with Marketing Cloud Personalization:

Formerly Interaction Studio, Marketing Cloud Personalization allows you to visualize, track, and manage customer experiences in real-time. Drive meaningful engagement precisely when needed and in the preferred manner of your audience. Real-time personalization enhances Marketing Cloud Engagement, offering expanded capabilities for crafting personalized customer journeys.


Explore a customer-centric approach that treats each customer as a distinct individual, offering highly relevant and tailored experiences. Hyper-personalization goes beyond traditional personalization with advanced techniques:

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make intelligent predictions for highly personalized experiences.

Machine Learning (ML):

  • Enable systems to learn from data, refining and improving recommendations over time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software:

  • Gather, organize, and leverage customer data for comprehensive views, enabling hyper-personalized experiences.

Big Data Analytics:

  • Extract valuable insights from large volumes of data to inform personalized strategies.

Content Management System (CMS):

  • Create, organize, and publish personalized content, engaging users with targeted messaging.

Internet of Things (IoT):

  • Enable physical devices to communicate and exchange data, enhancing in-store experiences with personalized offers.

Hyper-personalization is the future of customer engagement, going beyond traditional segmentation to provide unique and tailored experiences for each individual customer.

A/B/N testing with campaign attribution and analyticscheckmarkcheckmark
AI-driven next best action, promotions, offers, decisionscheckmark
Batch ETL of Data In:Sync customer information, collected and stored in other systems or solutions, with Marketing Cloud Personalization.Sync product data, catalog data, and business information.Limitedcheckmark
Batch ETL of Data Out:Batch export Marketing Cloud Personalization segment membership to an SFTP site.checkmark
Campaign management systemcheckmarkcheckmark
Goal trackingcheckmarkcheckmark
Identity managementcheckmarkcheckmark
In-depth behavioral tracking and affinity for an understanding of true engagement and intentcheckmarkcheckmark
Marketing Cloud Personalization Data Warehouse: Marketing Cloud Personalization data streamed to a data warehouse and formatted for use by business intelligence (BI) tools. Salesforce maintains the data warehouse for you. Also, the Marketing Cloud Personalization Data Warehouse can send data to S3 buckets for you to load into your own data warehouse.Premium Add-on
Mobile SDK: Use the Mobile SDK to track behaviors and actions of iOS and Android mobile app users. Also, you can use the SDK to deliver personalized experiences inside the app or on another channel in real time. Create and deploy one-off push notifications triggered by a visitor’s actions or behavior.checkmark
Outbound orchestration triggers for other channels. Marketing Cloud Personalization triggers another system or channel in real time or on a delay.checkmark
Outbound orchestration triggers to Marketing Cloud, which isn’t supported for other email service providers (ESPs).checkmarkcheckmark
Product and content recommendationscheckmarkcheckmark
Product catalog feedcheckmarkcheckmark
Real-time response in the same channel for licensed channelscheckmarkcheckmark
Real-time segmentationcheckmarkcheckmark
Rule-based and dynamic targetingcheckmarkcheckmark
Salesforce Customer Data Platformcheckmarkcheckmark
Server-side Campaign API Call in Marketing Cloud Personalization for a real-time response about a named profile. The API call can include attributes on that profile, segment membership, recommendations, promotions, or other decisions.checkmark
Unified customer profiles for anonymous and named profilescheckmarkcheckmark
Unlimited web behavioral data collectioncheckmarkcheckmark
Visual editorcheckmarkcheckmark
Website campaign behavioral datacheckmarkcheckmark
Website personalizationcheckmarkcheckmark
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