Marketing Cloud by Salesforce has a wide family of builder studios. Marketing Cloud Builders create the content that runs your marketing automation.

Marketing Cloud Builders

Explore the various ‘Builders’ within Marketing Cloud. With each serving a distinct purpose. Notable examples include Journey Builder for campaign automation, Audience BuilderContact Builder for data management, Content Builder for crafting emails and landing page templates, and Analytics Builder for generating standard reports.

Marketing Cloud ‘Builders’ Overview:

Journey Builder (AKA. Marketing Cloud Engagement):

This tool provides an exceptional campaign automation experience. By visually mapping out the ‘journey’ that contacts will travel through your marketing touchpoints. Segment contacts into targeted audiences using paths. Utilize a sidebar with various entry sources, activities (e.g., sending SMS), and flow controls.

Audience Builder → Contact Builder:

Manage data related to contacts (referred to as ‘people’ records in Marketing Cloud). This builder grants access to demographic and behavioral information, It is organized into ‘attribute groups’ (e.g., abandoned carts), ‘events,’ and ‘populations’ that can then be segmented.

Content Builder:

Create emails and landing page templates, including reusable and interactive content blocks.


Customize the appearance of your Marketing Cloud account by uploading your company logo and changing the default color scheme. In Enterprise 2.0, multiple brands can be created and assigned to different Marketing Cloud business units.

Analytics Builder → Standard Reports:

With Analytics Builder built-in Marketing Cloud gain reporting to create insights into email campaigns. Learn more about web and mobile analytics, contact behavior, administrator monitoring, and more. These insights are valuable for setting marketing goals and refining customer journeys. Note: Support/updates for the Discover Reporting Tool are scheduled to end in April 2022.

Analytics Builder → Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud:

Introduced in the January 2021 Marketing Cloud release, Datorama reports replace the Discover Reporting Tool. These reports, available as an app in Marketing Cloud with a Datorama account created in the background, offer pre-built dashboards, making campaign and journey reporting more straightforward.

Builders can utilize items created in the studios (e.g., Journey Builder using activities from Automation Studio), and studios can leverage items created in the builders (e.g., Email Studio using content blocks from Content Builder). The interplay between builders and studios contributes to the flexibility of the Marketing Cloud product suite, although it may pose a challenge to fully comprehend.

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