Salesforce has unveiled its roadmap for upcoming WhatsApp integrations tailored for marketing and service teams. WhatsApp, a widely-used mobile messaging app with over 2.2 billion monthly active users and a daily message count exceeding 100 billion, has demonstrated remarkable international reach, fostering instant and effective communication across borders without reliance on local telecom providers.

New Salesforce Whatsapp Integrations

While WhatsApp integration was not previously available as a standard feature in Salesforce, the recent partnership announcement at Dreamforce ’22 prompted swift action. The integration will harness the WhatsApp Business Platform API, a cloud-based service provided by Meta (WhatsApp’s owner) for businesses at no cost in 2022. This API enhances end-to-end experiences, streamlining scalable business processes.

For Salesforce + WhatsApp in Service:

  • Consistent and personalized messages can be delivered.
  • Routine requests can be automated with AI-powered chatbots.
  • Richer conversations are facilitated, incorporating audio and video files, list messages, buttons, stickers, and emojis.
  • Automatic launch into Customer Identity Verification occurs when a customer calls for the first time.

WhatsApp for Service can be utilized through Digital Engagement, an add-on for Service Cloud. Also Salesforce’s Contact Center for Communications within Communications Cloud. WhatsApp for Service Cloud is expected to be generally available (GA) starting March 16, 2023.

For Salesforce + WhatsApp in Marketing:

  • Direct connection with customers via WhatsApp to send rich promotional messages based on individual interests and needs.
  • WhatsApp message activities are integrated into Journey Builder, the visual campaign canvas in Marketing Cloud.
  • WhatsApp for Marketing Rich Media, available now, seamlessly combines rich media marketing with customer service agent interactions in a unified thread for continued conversations.

The WhatsApp for Marketing Cloud Rich Media support is anticipated to be generally available (GA) in the second half of 2023.

As consumer demand for WhatsApp continues to surge, specialized integrations, like those tailored for Salesforce. By address the growing need for organizations to connect WhatsApp with their business-critical systems. The collaboration underscores Salesforce’s commitment to meeting evolving communication demands and leveraging the popularity of WhatsApp for enhanced customer interactions.

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