Nonprofit marketers are blazing new trails, emphasizing digital transformation and embracing a future of remote work that diverges from the conventional notion of returning to pre-pandemic norms. We can see that is not gooing to happen. Nonprofit marketers blaze new trails.

Unprecedented changes are sweeping through the nonprofit sector with speed and scale. Confronted by the disruptions of a global pandemic and the resultant shifts in constituent expectations and behaviors, nonprofit marketers are adapting their strategies in innovative ways, mirroring the transformations seen in corporate environments. A significant 49% of nonprofit marketers report completely overhauling their digital engagement strategies since the pandemic began (rising to 62% for large organizations). Similarly, 48% note a complete transformation in their marketing channel mix (increasing to 64% for large nonprofits). In almost every aspect, except workplace strategy, a larger proportion of both large and small nonprofits have undergone changes compared to medium-sized nonprofits.

Different economic times and different economic drivers alone have created a need for nonprofit marketers blazing new trails.

“We recognized that virtual connections would become increasingly prevalent. As the volume of data from these interactions grew, we aimed to centralize and leverage it. While these issues were already in play pre-pandemic, the urgency became more apparent.”

Brian Tumpowsky, Head of Digital Technology at UNICEF USA

Despite the challenges, a majority of nonprofit marketers are approaching the next phase with renewed financial optimism and purpose. A remarkable 64% anticipate revenue growth, with only 6% expecting a decline. Moreover, marketers see themselves playing a more significant role in driving this growth, as 78% believe their work adds greater value now compared to a year ago, with only 1% expressing disagreement. However, this optimism and sense of purpose do not lead to complacency, especially during periods of intense change. An impressive 84% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) recognize the necessity for transforming their marketing strategies to remain competitive.

Nonprofit marketers blaze new trails

Nonprofit Marketers Blaze New Trails

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