Numerous vendors in the enterprise software market are currently emphasizing their AI capabilities, envisioning a future where AI can address a wide array of global challenges, from healthcare to climate change. While the realization of these claims remains uncertain, the practical and impactful applications of AI in everyday scenarios often go unnoticed. There exists ample opportunity for leveraging AI tools that are readily available and require minimal setup to enhance efficiency. Otter AI S-Docs and Salesforce.

One such example is S-Docs, a document automation vendor integrated natively on the Salesforce platform, which is harnessing, an AI transcription service, to revolutionize its sales process and product development. S-Docs is seamlessly integrating into its digital collaboration tools, enabling automatic transcription during sales calls. This not only aids sales representatives in navigating diverse dialects but also streamlines post-call administrative tasks, prompting quicker action.

Moreover, the product development team at S-Docs is leveraging to analyze the transcribed content from sales calls and incorporate insights into its product feedback loop. This integration was sparked by S-Docs’ CTO, Anand Narasimhan, who discovered through a LinkedIn connection and recognized its potential value for the business.

Initially used during team calls and sprint reviews,’s high transcription accuracy and insightful summaries impressed Narasimhan and his colleague, Keith Bossier, VP of Sales at S-Docs. Subsequently, was adopted by the sales and customer success teams, offering benefits that surpassed those of their previous provider, Gong.

For the sales team, significantly reduces the administrative burden by providing real-time transcriptions, catch-all summaries, and key takeaways from meetings. This facilitates quicker follow-ups and enhances the overall customer experience.

Buoyed by the success in sales, S-Docs is exploring avenues to expand the use of across its business. Bossier envisions leveraging transcripts from sales calls for onboarding new representatives, while Narasimhan explores integrating the captured content into the product development cycle. Additionally, they are collaborating with to introduce automated action items directly into the S-Docs platform, further streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

As S-Docs continues to innovate and optimize its processes with, it exemplifies the tangible benefits of leveraging AI in practical business scenarios.

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