Customization plays a pivotal role in elevating engagement and fostering trust between healthcare providers and patients. By crafting personalized communications and experiences grounded in patient demographics, health status, and preferences, healthcare organizations can position themselves as reliable partners in their patients’ health journeys.

The arrival of Salesforce Personalization brings a whole new set of tools to create engaging, personalized experiences in healthcare.

Salesforce Health Cloud extends Service Cloud’s capabilities by allowing healthcare practitioners to form Care Teams composed of patients’ care community members. Primary care physicians, specialists, household caregivers, and anybody involved in a patient’s healthcare journey could make up this group.

Personalized Healthcare Experiences with Salesforce 360-Degree Customer View

An effective approach to achieve personalization involves leveraging data insights to access comprehensive audience information, optimize physician relationships, and enhance acquisition. Salesforce’s Health Cloud facilitates the connection of disparate systems, enabling healthcare providers to establish a 360-degree view of their patients and deliver more individualized care. Furthermore, marketing automation tools can efficiently deliver personalized communications to the physician community at scale.

Tailoring journeys, employing omni-channel communication, and automating workflows emerge as effective strategies for personalizing the healthcare experience. Through the utilization of these methods, healthcare providers can enhance trust and customer retention, ultimately leading to improved health and business outcomes. In essence, personalization stands as a key tool for healthcare providers to cultivate trust and enhance patient outcomes.

The ideal digitally supported personalized patient experience includes: Patients’ care needs are clearly identified based on their demographic, clinical, and psychosocial data as well as past behaviors, so that they are matched with the right set of services.

Connect everyone in the ecosystem around the patient to increase efficiencies.  Surface insights by integrating data silos across R&D, manufacturing, and supply chain to deliver therapies.  Create, scale, and track therapy-specific support programs with personalized experiences and real-time analytics.

Research shows that personalized care does indeed improve patient experience and outcomes. The same study showed that as much as one-third of high-cost unplanned follow-up care was preventable.

What is personalization in healthcare?

A personalized approach requires a dynamic customization of care that is specifically relevant to the individual, based on factors such as medical conditions, genome, needs, values, and circumstances.

Today’s most innovative providers personalize every facet of patient care at every stage of the wellness journey. Here’s how you can deliver personalized experiences that are secure, compliant, agile, and interoperable — for every moment that matters.

Get patients on therapy faster.

Raise trial awareness and create trusted relationships through personalized interactions.

Collaborate to improve outcomes.

Connect teams to improve productivity and efficiency as you ensure compliance with trusted and advanced integrations.

Make data-driven improvements and drive cross-team efficiencies.

Find new opportunities to make program improvements with valuable patient and healthcare provider insights.

Book coordinated appointments easily.

Built-in lead times and site capacity information let you schedule apheresis, manufacturing entry, and infusion appointments smoothly.

Reschedule full appointment chains effortlessly.

Respond to adjustments in manufacturing turnaround times and the patient’s availability to keep development and administration progressing.

Configure multiple therapies on one flexible platform.

Allow multiple organizations to configure, deliver, and scale various therapies, while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Contact Tectonic today to discover how Salesforce can improve your personalized experiences in health care and life sciences.

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