Does Salesforce work with Power BI?

Connecting Power BI can be accomplished in several ways. The easiest way is through Power BI connectors. Depending on the data you want to connect, you can either use the Salesforce Objects or Salesforce Reports connector.

Can Power BI extract data from Salesforce?


Power BI is a popular business intelligence solution that is comprised of services, apps, and connectors that allow you to pull raw data from various sources and create meaningful reports. To connect Power BI to a data source such as Salesforce, you can use a corresponding ODBC driver.

The Power BI dashboard

Is Power BI similar to the SFDC CRM?

The choice between the two depends on the specific business use case. Power BI excels in tasks such as data analysis and creating visualizations. On the other hand, Salesforce is the preferred choice for gaining insights from customer relationships and setting up processes.

Can Power BI be embedded in SFDC?


You can embed Power BI report, dashboards and more in Salesforce for your organization or for your customers. By embedding Power BI, your users will have access to Power BI interactive data visualizations that can be connected to all the data sources that are supported by Power BI. To see your Power BI insights directly in SFDC, you need to have an Power BI account. The security is made by power BI so your reports stay safe even by other account of your salesforce instance.

The app uses the Iframe provided by Power BI to give you access to your report in salesforce. This is the best way to give both security and facilitate displaying power BI directly in the CRM for all your presentations.

This solution is a Non-SFDC Application as defined in Salesforce’s Main Services Agreement. Notwithstanding these Security Requirements or any security review of a Partner Application, Salesforce makes no guarantees about the quality or security of this solution. You’re responsible for evaluating this solution’s quality, security, and functionality.

Connect to Power BI for data-driven insights. Unleash the power of analytics with seamless integration.

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