A Salesforce API call represents specific operations. Salesforce API call basics set up your client applications to invoke at runtime to perform tasks, for example:

  • Query data in your organization.
  • Add, update, and delete data.
  • Obtain metadata about your data.
  • Run utilities to perform administration tasks.
 Salesforce API call

Using your development environment, you can construct Web service client applications that use standard Web service protocols to programmatically:

  • Log in to the login server (login()) and receive authentication information to be used for subsequent calls
  • Query your organization’s information (query(), queryAll(), queryMore(), and retrieve() calls)
  • Perform text searches across your organization’s information (search() call)
  • Create, update, and delete data (create(), merge(), update(), upsert(), delete(), and undelete() calls)
  • Perform administrative tasks, such as retrieving user information (getUserInfo() call), changing passwords (setPassword() and resetPassword() calls), and getting the system time (getServerTimestamp() call)
  • Replicate data locally (getDeleted() and getUpdated() calls)
  • Obtain and navigate metadata about your organization’s data (describeGlobal(), describeSObject(), describeSObjects(), describeLayout(), and describeTabs() calls)
  • Work with approval processes (process())
  • Return category groups and categories from your organization (describeDataCategoryGroups() and describeDataCategoryGroupStructures()).

Learn more about Salesforce API call basics. A Salesforce API call is a powerful tool.

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