Open CTI is a JavaScript API designed to facilitate the development and integration of third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce Call Center.

Utilize the browser-based JavaScript API to build and seamlessly integrate third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce Call Center.

Salesforce telephony, also known as Computer Telephony Integration, is a feature that allows the integration of your telephone system with your Salesforce account. This integration empowers users to make and receive calls, access call history, and log call information directly within the Salesforce platform.

To enable CTI in Salesforce, navigate to Setup in the Salesforce org, enter “Call Centers” in the Quick Find box, and click on Call Centers. Then, click Edit next to the Demo Call Center Adapter, ensuring that the CTI Adapter URL is configured to the specified URL.

The distinction between Call Center and Open CTI in Salesforce lies in their functionalities. Call Center is a Salesforce feature that integrates the platform with call systems developed by developers or partners. On the other hand, Open CTI is a JavaScript API that provides developers or partners with the capability to build cloud-based call systems for use with Salesforce’s Call Center.

Salesforce CTI offers immediate access to customer information in real time for representatives. This eliminates the need for manual information retrieval, such as asking colleagues for details or searching through files and folders.

Content updated September 2022.

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