When implementing Salesforce Enablement to better equip teams with skills, content, and context it is important to set up the right users with the right permissions.  Having a complete Sales Enablement team in place produces the most effective training programs.

Accelerate business outcomes with enablement programs delivered to users through the Guidance Center in Salesforce. Create programs that are unique to your company, and assign programs to users who can complete exercises and measurable milestones in their flow of work.  Sales enablement is about people and technology, and strategically aligning them both behind a common goal: sales success. Sales enablement helps organizations streamline and shorten sales cycles by improving buyer interactions with relevant sales content that is tailored and personalized.

Sales Enablement Platform

A sales enablement platform provides sales teams with coaching, resources, and tools to help them effectively engage with customers and close deals.

Salesforce enablement

Identify who at your company can perform each role. In some cases, one person is ideal for all these responsibilities. Other companies require a team.

Likewise, some of these roles aren’t required to use Enablement. But it can be nice to rely on these folks if they’re available.

Roles and Responsibilities

Salesforce adminThis person can access Setup and customize Salesforce for your company. To get your company started with Enablement, a Salesforce admin must give access to Enablement team members according to the required permissions listed on this page. Salesforce admins can also bring their Salesforce experience to help you define outcomes and milestones using Salesforce objects and fields. If you want to introduce new ways of tracking data in Salesforce to include those processes in a program, Salesforce admins can also help enable other features or customize settings.YesFor permissions required for Salesforce admins, search Salesforce Help for the specific task.
Enablement adminA person who gets full access to create, edit, delete, publish, and unpublish Enablement programs in Salesforce. Enablement admins can also assign or unassign programs to Enablement users, view all Enablement analytics, customize the Enablement reports and dashboard, and create reports and dashboards using Enablement report types.YesThe Manage Enablement Essentials default permission set, which is included in the Enablement Admin permission set group. See Enablement Permission Set Groups, Permission Sets, and Permissions and Assign Permissions to Your Enablement Team.
Content creator or managerThis person adds your company’s training content to Salesforce. At some companies, this person is also the Enablement admin.YesThe Content Manager contributor role in the Enablement workspace of the Digital Experiences app. See Assign a Contributor Role in the Enablement Workspace.
Enablement resources managerThe person who manages resources related to Enablement other than training content that Enablement users directly consume as part of programs, such as these items. Surveys sent to peers and managers for gathering feedback on user performancePrompts and walkthroughs that guide users through Salesforce features and walkthroughs outside of programsNoManage Assessment Surveys and Manage In-App Guidance default permission sets, which are included in the Enablement Resources Manager permission set group. See Enablement Permission Set Groups, Permission Sets, and Permissions and Assign Permissions to Your Enablement Team.
Business operations expertThis person can help identify the business outcomes that your company wants to focus on and work with you to establish how certain job roles can contribute to your bottom line.NoYour call. You can assign Enablement permissions to this person as needed.
Enablement userThe person at your company who takes the programs that you build and assign to them.YesUse Enablement Programs default permission set, which is included in the Enablement User permission set group. Enablement admins, or users with the Manage Enablement Essentials default permission set, can also take programs that are assigned to them. See Enablement Permission Set Groups, Permission Sets, and Permissions and Assign Permissions to Your Enablement Team.
Salesforce enablement
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