Why sales teams need Salesforce Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud delivers tools and technologies to aid sales teams so that they can complete their work more efficiently and effectively. These productivity-boosting features are based on core lead and opportunity management, and far beyond.  Sales Cloud helps salespeople automate, manage, and monitor sales processes for optimal efficiency.

More Leads

Salesforce Sales Cloud helps increase your rates of conversion. With the help of Lead Management, you can track your leads and monitor your campaign across multiple platforms. This also allows you to make smarter decisions about any future investments. You gain access to the right sales data at the right time with the help of data.com. This helps you communicate with decision-makers and boosts your revenue in marketing and sales.

Ultimately, Sales Cloud offers a sales team a robust lead generation and management machine that allows marketers and sales representatives in making smarter decisions, connecting with partners, and improving customer acquisition.

More Revenue

Every company wants to close good deals. Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services provide customers with Contact Management software. The software helps sales representatives in closing more deals and understanding their future prospects better. By offering a comprehensive view of your customers including key contacts, activity history, and client communications, Sales Cloud helps you in anticipating your customer needs better and reacting accordingly.

Salesforce Sales Cloud offers advanced forecasting tools that allow sales teams to predict revenue with greater accuracy. These tools leverage historical data, pipeline information, and customizable forecasting models to provide insights into future sales performance.

Better Reporting

The data a business collects from different sources like social media tools, CRM, and business software applications is a powerful business asset. But, when this data is not sorted and filtered properly, it is of no use. Sales Cloud allows you to run in-depth data analysis. It not only keeps your data clean and eliminates any possibility of error, but also helps collate, tabulate, and organize data effectively. This makes the data easy to interpret. Sales Cloud also helps businesses in keeping a track of the various interactions that have been done with the company through methods like emails, social media ad clicks, filling of contact forms, etc. Your team can also run reports to analyze interactions with customers and leads, measure customer service efforts, and check opportunities.

Improved Productivity Levels

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation provides businesses with the ability to increase their productivity levels. The important features of Sales Cloud that help increase business productivity include the following:

  • Workflow and Approval: This feature allows you to design and run business processes with flexible approvals. You can automate processes by using the drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Mobile CRM Software: This software allows you to handle sales opportunities from the comfort of your phone and make it your portable office. You can check dashboards and sell work opportunities while on the go.
  • Sync and Share Files: With the help of this feature, you can share files, publish your content and track it in real-time. You can also search files faster and securely share them with your team.

Boost Business Growth and Profitability with Sales Cloud

Shortened Sales Cycle

Companies are constantly looking for ways to shorten their sales cycles. Salesforce Sales Cloud with its feature ‘Macros’ can help businesses with the same. Macros help in automating manual tasks in bulk to ensure that the sales team can better concentrate on dealing with customers in real-time, improving productivity, and decreasing the sales cycle.

Sales Cloud also assists in prioritizing opportunities and leads. For example, it displays the lead score whenever you click on any of the leads. You also get to see the reason behind that score. Depending on the score, the sales team can make important decisions or take any actions. Also, the Lightning Sales console allows businesses to customize their dashboards to make them best suited to their business needs.

Better Decision-Making

Business decision-making is a complicated process that involves different aspects of a business. CRM technologies like Salesforce help simplify your decision-making process. Sales Cloud provides you with an up-to-date view of the performance and forecasts of your team. You get to see the top performers and allocate resources in an effective manner by equipping your sales representatives with the best prospects. With the help of predictive analysis, you can ensure that your business is on the right path and also adjust its course depending on the actionable data.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation offers you a real-time picture of your business with the help of customizable dashboards. You get the ability to build your own reports with the help of determined parameters within a few minutes using the drag-and-drop interface and receive updated data immediately. The dashboards and reports will be available to your team on their device.

Improved Efficiency with Automation

Automation is one of the most important benefits of Salesforce Sales Cloud. It helps users reduce the time it takes to work on leads and send emails. It also helps convert more leads by prioritizing the potential ones. Automation helps handle basic customer questions like the status of an order with the help of automated messaging and chatbots effectively.

With the help of automation, marketing teams can devote more time to creating campaigns that are better aligned with the audience. Professionals can analyze data, and test different strategies depending on the analytics. On the other hand, sales teams can focus on selling the right services and products to their present and potential customers.

Automation software by Sales Cloud also allows customer service agents to spend more time working out with customers who have questions or any complex requirements. This makes the organization more efficient, which is then able to serve its customers better.

Better Collaboration

Salesforce Sales Cloud keeps a record of regular interactions, important notes, contact information, and conversations. Being cloud-based software, Sales Cloud is always up to date and allows teammates to easily review the records while making important decisions. Anyone with access to the Salesforce cloud can work efficiently with the help of shared records. For example, when a sales representative interacts with a customer to learn about them, the important details can be entered easily into the customer’s record. This helps ensure that the team gets to work with the latest details of their customers. Sales, marketing, and customer service departments can collaborate together effectively and not have to worry about isolated data sets.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Services can help your business grow in the right direction. By helping solve complex problems like optimizing processes, accessing information, and removing redundancies, Sales Cloud helps decrease the length of the sales cycle and garner more leads. Teams can collaborate more effectively and decrease their chances of errors. The most important benefit of Sales Cloud is its effective utilization of technology and data for powering a more efficient business. By promoting better messaging and outreach, Sales Cloud helps serve customers more effectively resulting in a better business.

Sales Cloud is focused on offering functionality to sales reps and sales managers, with a focus on account acquisition, the sales funnel, and closing deals. But that doesn’t mean Sales Cloud is only about closing deals—it can also support other teams, too.

Sales Cloud provides everything for the sales side of your business. Configure Salesforce so your sales teams generate the best leads, can manage opportunities through the sales pipeline, and cultivate relationships with accounts. Plus, help your sales leaders forecast incoming revenue and manage sales territories.

Tectonic is please to announce our Sales Cloud Implementation Solutions.

Content updated May 2024.

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