As an expansion of Service Cloud, Salesforce Field Service offers an all-encompassing perspective on workforce management.

In straightforward terms, when a customer requests a new cable service, the cable installer will be on-site. The coordination of their current location, destination, and the quantity of cable in their vehicle is seamlessly handled through Field Service Lightning.

Key features encompass appointment scheduling, dispatching technology, territory management, and a mobile app designed to assist field service technicians.

Salesforce Field Service

Power the future of field service with the #1 AI platform for field service. Enhance customer engagement with real-time personalization, optimize field teams with our best in class scheduling engine and access to offline data, and improve field visits with the help of trusted AI built on the Einstein 1 Platform. Salesforce Field Service provides optimal access to and for field service agents.

Prework Brief

Accelerate service delivery, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost overall efficiency by giving your mobile workers vital customer data, asset history, and service records prior to each job. With summarized insights that include equipment maintenance and past customer interactions, prework briefs help mobile workers prioritize onsite tasks and grasp the broader context for meeting contract terms.

Onsite Knowledge Search

Field challenges can be daunting when you’re on your own. That’s why our Field Service mobile app gives contractors and employees with the power to search both internal and external knowledge bases instantly. Powered by AI summarization, users get the precise information necessary to improve first-time fix rates — boosting confidence and credibility in real-time.

Post-Work Summary

Say goodbye to time-consuming and error-prone service reports at the end of each job. Our intelligent summary generation feature ensures accurate and comprehensive reports while also reducing visit duration. Boost customer satisfaction significantly with Service Reports enriched with real-time customer and asset data, updates from mobile workers, and job images.

Field Service Mobile App

Our field service mobile app — available on Android and iOS — is the ultimate all-in-one tool tailored for the demands of today’s mobile workforce. Designed as an offline-first application, it enables your front line to work and seamlessly save changes even without Wi-Fi. Plus, the app offers extensive customization options, so it aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements.

Mobile App Extensibility

Empower your mobile app users with offline-capable experiences through Lightning Web Components (LWCs). Use standard components to build a tailored interface that aligns perfectly with your company’s requirements. Unleash your creativity by designing custom components that boost productivity and bring your innovative ideas to life for your workforce.

Slack for Field Service

Empower your mobile workforce with seamless connectivity and timely assistance whenever they need it. Swiftly mobilize for service appointments and tap into the expertise of colleagues throughout your organization. Our user-friendly interface ensures intuitive and accessible collaboration — keeping your team connected and responsive.

Dispatch Management

Boost your dispatchers’ productivity with our Dispatch Console. Easily create and update resource absences directly in the console. Efficiently organize candidates by availability and skill to identify the ideal candidates for each appointment. Experience an enhanced user interface that maximizes the potential of your Gantt chart for improved scheduling efficiency.

Scheduling and Optimization

Elevate your field service operations with our best-in-class scheduling and optimization engine. Built on the Hyperforce platform, Enhanced Scheduling and Optimization automates scheduling while aligning with priorities and constraints. It ensures efficient resource allocation, minimizes travel time, and complies with service-level agreements.

Forecasting and Planning with Salesforce Field Service

Use real-time data to quickly assess the impact of global or in-day optimization on travel time and resource utilization. When refining your scheduling policy, get an instant view of optimization results and KPI changes.

Asset Service Management

Shift from reactive to proactive service with real-time asset tracking. Monitor service outcomes and create preventive maintenance plans based on asset use, condition, and specific criteria. For example, you can schedule service if an asset’s temperature exceeds a set threshold — ensuring smooth operations and preventing downtime.

Work Order Management

Simplify the entire work order management process to seamlessly create, assign, execute, and debrief work orders. Empower your team to stay agile, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth by eliminating manual paperwork and digitizing the entire work order lifecycle.

Content updated February 2024.

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