We all get excited when new technology emerges in the marketplace.  Understanding its potential impact, however, can be challenging. Sales people tend to oversell it, accounting people undersell it, and lay people misunderstand it.   In the Salesforce world, new tools are coming fast and furious.  Features of Sales Cloud Einstein are one of the most exciting.  Do you wonder why?

Let’s look at Sales Cloud Einstein to provide insights into how it can empower your organization to boost sales. The key features of Sales Cloud Einstein encompass Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Email Insights, Salesforce Inbox, Einstein Automated Contacts, Einstein Activity Capture, Einstein Opportunity Scoring, Einstein Opportunity Insights, Einstein Forecasting, and the Sales Analytics App.  Below is an overview of the features.  More in depth looks can be found in the Tectonic blog.

Here’s what each feature does:

  • Einstein Lead Scoring:
    • Adds a lead score field to leads.
    • Helps prioritize leads with the highest conversion potential.
    • Provides insights for managers to understand lead and opportunity health.
    • Enables inexperienced reps to work from a prioritized list independently.
  • Einstein Email Insights:
    • Provides critical sales context alongside relevant emails.
    • Assists sales reps in sending timely and appropriate responses.
    • Offers actionable intelligence in reps’ inboxes to identify customers needing attention.
  • Salesforce Inbox:
    • Integrates email, calendar, and CRM in one seamless experience.
    • Includes tools like Email Tracking and Insert Availability for increased productivity.
    • Offers mobile and desktop productivity apps for smarter sales workflows.
  • Einstein Automated Contacts:
    • Utilizes email and event activity to find new contacts and opportunity contact roles.
    • Automatically adds contact records to Salesforce, reducing data entry.
    • Enhances contact data quality and reduces manual data entry efforts.
  • Einstein Activity Capture:
    • Keeps data synchronized between Salesforce and email/calendar applications.
    • Automatically logs email and event data on Salesforce records.
    • Boosts productivity, visibility, and insights for reps.
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring:
    • Predicts the likelihood of winning opportunities.
    • Displays factors contributing to the score, both positively and negatively.
    • Enables reps to prioritize deals based on accurate scores.
  • Einstein Opportunity Insights:
    • Provides predictions about likely won deals, follow-up reminders, and notifications.
    • Offers details about insights tied to relevant metrics for each opportunity.
    • Presents smart reminders for overdue tasks and key moments in deals.
  • Einstein Forecasting:
    • Uses AI technology for more certain and visible forecasts.
    • Improves forecasting accuracy and provides predictions for sales teams.
    • Enables effective coaching for managers based on a better understanding of team performance.
  • Sales Analytics App:
    • Brings Analytics to Sales Cloud on any device supporting Analytics.
    • Provides intuitive visualizations based on Salesforce data.
    • Facilitates quicker insight-to-action transitions and smarter sales decisions.
Key features of sales cloud einstein

Incorporating Sales Cloud Einstein

Incorporating Sales Cloud Einstein into your business strategy enhances sales efficiency, forecasting accuracy, and overall performance. 

Features of Sales Cloud Einstein can boost your team’s productivity at every stage of the sales process with key predictions, intelligent recommendations, and timely automation.  It is like having your own data science team that learns from your sales team’s selling activities and CRM data.  

Contact Tectonic for a comprehensive consultation on leveraging Sales Cloud Einstein to drive sales growth.

key features of Sales Cloud Einstein

To generate the most reliable intelligence, you must meet data requirements for each Sales Cloud Einstein feature.

Raady for Sales Cloud Einstein?

Wondering whether you’re ready for Sales Cloud Einstein or whether it can help your sales reps? Run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Assessor to find out. Tectonic can help. We analyze your Salesforce implementation, in either a production or sandbox environment, and then send you a personalized report. The report tells you which Einstein features you’re ready to use now and which ones require extra steps.

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