Tectonic is Pleased to Announce Salesforce Implementation Solutions!

The world’s #1 CRM platform has just received a new function in deliverability. Salesforce Implementation Solutions from Tectonic are pre-planned, flxed rate priced, low technical debt solution to Salesforce implementations. Designed with the SMB in mind, Tectonic’s Salesforce Implementation Solutions get you up and running quickly on the Salesforce solutions you need.

Salesforce Implementation Solutions

Finding the right mix of Salesforce products can be as challenging as finding the right Salesforce partner. Tectonic has custom designed Salesforce Implementation Solutions to help ease the integration to the Salesforce platform.

Sometimes called quickstarts, jumpstarts, or even accelorators, Salesforce Implementation Solutions are designed to get you set up right and fast, to see the value from your Salesforce investment. Tectonic has tailored our packages to address specific business needs.

Pre-defined Salesforce Deliverables at a Fixed Price

The Salesforce Implementation Solutions experts at Tectonic will enable you to deploy Salesforce in weeks not months to maximize efficiency. Whether you are seeking a marketing platform solution, a healthcare CRM, personalization, feedback management, or core Salesforce platform capabilities we have you covered.

Tectonic gets you started on Salesforce quickly and affordably, without compromising on quality.

These fast implementation solutions help you hit the ground running. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used Salesforce, never purchased a Salesforce license, or have been using the simple, out-of-the-box version. Our team of Salesforce experts will identify and implement what is critical for your business’s immediate success. Thereby giving you the functionality that can develop and grow along with your business at minimal cost, and lightning speed.

Why Salesforce Implementation Solutions?

From kick off call and discovery to UAT and launch, these packages are here for quick and easy implementation service. With a flat fee, you know your project will be completed on time and budget. When you are seeking a basic platform stand-up, you don’t need to be bombarded with endless choices and decisions. With the help of our certified Salesforce professionals, you will receive expert guidance and support as we implement your new system with a focus on maximizing functionality. You want an implementation with a proven roadmap.

Implementation solutions include a range of tools and resources, such as a personalized onboarding plan, training resources, and pre-built solutions, that can help reduce the time it takes to implement Salesforce. This can be especially helpful if you are new to Salesforce or if you need to get your implementation completed in a short time frame.

Efficiency, speed, and success are the promises of Tectonic Salesforce Implementation Solutions. Salesforce is your customer success platform, designed to help you sell, service, market, analyze, and connect with your customers.

Interested in making the most of Salesforce?

Tectonic’s implementation solutions get your business or nonprofit up and running in weeks. Automation is one of the big keys to managing tons of data. Our implementations get you where you need to be in no time flat. Salesforce CRM isn’t just a solution to automate processes, manage workflows, and corral data. Salesforce can jumpstart your digital transformation. Tectonic’s Salesforce implementations avoid the unexpected costs of an implementation. Fixed price packages prevent surprises.

Tectonic provides niche, high quality, service-oriented Salesforce implementation, customization, and managed services.

The best time to embark on your transformation was 5 years ago. The second best time is right now. 


Salesforce implementation solutions, or quickstarts, are limited engagement implementations. They zero in on key planning and decision making, standard and custom configurations, and essential training to get up and running lightning fast. Therefore our solutions provide immediate benefits and ROI. Tectonic even offers implementations for upgrading versions and clouds within Salesforce. These all-in-one solutions take the guesswork out of implementing Salesforce with a proven partner to guide you every step of the way.

Learn about all Tectonic’s Salesforce Implementation Solutions here. If you have other needs you’d like to address in a flat bundled project, contact us today.

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