Salesforce for Education encompasses a suite of products that seamlessly integrate insights across recruitment, admissions, and student success, providing a comprehensive view of each learner’s journey—from prospective students to engaged alumni-and every step between.

Our collaboration spans K-12 schools, community colleges, universities, and graduate schools, catering to institutions of all sizes, ensuring they are well-equipped with the education CRM necessary to thrive in the future. Education Cloud expedites time-to-value and fosters personalized experiences for every lifelong learner.

Key Features:

Learner-Centric Data Foundation:
Begin your journey with education-specific objects, logic, and automation embedded in the #1 CRM platform.

Core Capabilities for Your Entire Institution:
Optimize faculty and staff impact using versatile features like scheduling and case management applicable across various departments.

Pre-Built Apps Powering the Learner Lifecycle:
Enhance productivity with ready-to-use, customizable apps tailored for each stage of the learner journey.

From Insights to Action with Education Cloud:
Realize improvements based on feedback from customers, including the Hayward Unified School District, Austin Achieve Public Schools, and San Diego COE, achieving a 38% faster response to student needs and a 10% increase in enrollment.

Access a Single Source of Truth:
Consolidate student and family data into a unified view, enabling personalized interactions at every stage of the education journey.

Innovate with a Scalable Platform:
Education Cloud for K-12 serves as a CRM platform designed for schools, facilitating quick innovation to meet the evolving needs of constituents.

Education Cloud for Community Colleges: Integrated Solutions to Maximize Impact:
Built on the #1 CRM, Education Cloud serves as the digital foundation empowering institutions for the future.

Salesforce in Education

Tailored products and solutions for enrollment management, student support, workforce development, donor engagement, and marketing and communications enable community and technical colleges to leverage a single source of truth for transforming experiences into lifelong relationships.

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