Salesforce is hiring approximately 3,000 new employees, CEO Marc Benioff announced in an interview with Bloomberg this week. This hiring initiative comes after the company laid off 10% of its workforce earlier this year as part of a significant cost-cutting effort. Salesforce is hiring. Yahoo story here.

In January, Salesforce announced the layoffs of 8,000 employees, reducing its workforce from around 79,390. The job cuts were met with internal backlash, with employees criticizing the handling of the layoffs. According to Insider’s Ashley Stewart, staff were left in the dark, having to use Slack to check who among their colleagues had been let go, likening the experience to checking a missing persons bulletin board after a disaster.

Despite the recent layoffs, Benioff is now focused on growth and expansion. He emphasized the need for new hires in a Bloomberg interview during Salesforce’s annual conference in San Francisco. “Our job is to grow the company and to continue to achieve great margins,” Benioff stated. “We know we have to hire thousands of people.”

The new employees will be distributed across various departments, including sales, engineering, and the data cloud product teams. These roles are crucial as Salesforce aims to bolster its artificial intelligence business and attract further investments. Chief Operating Officer Brian Millham also spoke to Bloomberg, highlighting the company’s successful business segments and the need for a surge in those areas.

Millham explained, “We have some very successful parts of our business right now, and we want a surge in those areas.” This strategic hiring push aims to capitalize on these thriving sectors, driving Salesforce’s continued growth and innovation.

In an effort to bring back former employees, Benioff is particularly interested in attracting “boomerangs”—those who left Salesforce for other opportunities. He shared with Bloomberg that he recently held an “alumni event” to encourage these former employees to return, reassuring them that it is “OK” to come back to the company.

This move signifies a shift in Salesforce’s strategy, from drastic cost-cutting measures to a renewed focus on expansion and talent acquisition. By rehiring experienced former employees and bringing in new talent, Salesforce aims to strengthen its workforce and position itself for future success.

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