Salesforce Summer 24 Sales Release. Boost your sales teams’ results with new Einstein features, more actions, and improved performance and setup experiences. Sales rep’s get a boost to their productivity with standard and custom list view actions in the Account, Contact, and Lead Intelligence views. Sales teams have a bird’s-eye view of their conversations with customers with Conversation Signals. Sales managers have more flexibility in how they view forecasts. Enablement has an improved test and deploy experience for sales programs. And in Salesforce Maps, users experience better performance when plotting for high-volume data.

Salesforce Summer 24 Sales Release

  • Einstein for Sales
    Let Einstein draft sales emails from a sales rep’s inbox and include related information with generative AI. Ramp up on accounts and opportunities by visualizing your contacts in a relationship map. Add buyer profile data to your contacts automatically to avoid manual data entry. Sales reps can draft emails using Einstein generative AI.
  • Sales Foundations
    Find your next best customer with the power of AI. Create contacts automatically from email and calendar activity. Apply personal labels to organize and find records. Get more information on the Seller Home page. And boost productivity with the power of standard and custom list view actions in the Account, Contact, and Lead Intelligence views.
  • Einstein Conversation Insights
    Get a bird’s-eye view of your sales teams’ conversations with Conversation Signals. Using AI technology, Conversation Signals groups different product or competitor mentions into relevant topics that you can dive into and explore. Another Einstein feature, Generative Conversation Insights, allows you to create custom insights powered by generative AI. Einstein Conversation Insights can now process single-user meetings. Users can also easily expand edit access to record collections, and we’ve rolled out more dashboard improvements.
  • Sales Engagement
    Link cadences, use screen flows as cadence steps, save cadences in any folder, and create and edit email templates in Cadence Builder 2.0. Prepare for Cadence Builder Classic retirement.
  • Revenue Intelligence
    Nurture relationships with stakeholders and identify opportunities to expand markets with lead metrics in the Einstein Account Management Account Inspector. Update your revenue data more frequently with the new hourly app refresh schedule. Explore all the Revenue Insights resources after a successful app installation using the Resources tab.
  • Collaborative Forecasts
    Sales managers can choose to review forecast rollups by team, then by forecast group or product family, or by group or product family, then by team.
  • Pipeline Inspection
    Boost productivity with the power of standard and custom list view actions in Pipeline Inspection. Get insight into potentially risky contacts on a deal.
  • Sales Programs and Partner Tracks with Enablement
    Elevate the performance, confidence, and impact of your sales team and drive business growth with a community of informed and engaged partners. Give sales reps immediate, actionable feedback on their sales pitches, courtesy of Einstein, all in their flow of work. Create programs that align with your most complex revenue metrics, and provide more transparency and accountability to users who take your programs. Integrate the governance of your Enablement rollout with other Salesforce systems and processes.
  • Partner Relationship Management
    Partner sellers can get help drafting personalized, thoughtful emails to their contacts and leads quickly with an assist from Einstein generative AI.
  • Sales Performance Management
    Get a serious bump in processing performance while plotting high-volume data such as ArcGIS Online layers and complex shape layers when you preview the new Salesforce Maps framework. Plan for and centralize your company’s unique segmentation, territories, and quota targets in Sales Planning. And determine compensation for reps based on their effective territory assignment dates in Enterprise Territory Management, now named Sales Territories.
  • Email, Calendar, and Integrations
    Sales reps can use generative AI in their Salesforce email integrations. Inbox mobile has been retired. The retirement date for Salesforce for Outlook has been extended.
  • Sales Cloud Everywhere
    As sales reps search for prospects on the internet, the Sales Cloud Everywhere Chrome extension keeps up with their web investigations. And sales reps can choose which fields to see in their detail pages, and in which order.
  • Other Changes in the Sales Cloud
    Learn about other changes we made in Summer ‘24.
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