Salesforce (or “sforce”) is open to all, whether you’re an admin, user, or developer, with dedicated learning paths available for each role. Salesforce Trailheads

Trails are curated learning journeys consisting of modules and projects, designed to guide users through various topics, develop relevant skills, and gain hands-on experience with Salesforce products.

Modules break down complex subjects into manageable units, offering insights into features, their functionalities, and step-by-step instructions. Interactive challenges provide opportunities to test your comprehension.

Salesforce Trailheads are an integral part of the company’s free online learning platform. This resource assists developers in transitioning from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning Experience, a modern development platform that utilizes declarative code, making it accessible to individuals with limited coding knowledge.

Trailhead’s guided learning paths are freely available, aligning with Salesforce’s commitment to democratize industry knowledge. While some specialized courses are offered through Trailhead Academy for a fee, the majority of content is accessible at no cost.

Salesforce’s official learning platform, Trailhead, offers comprehensive interactive learning paths called “trails.” Covering basic to advanced topics, these trails are free and often include hands-on practice through projects and challenges.

The time required to learn Salesforce varies based on the area of focus. For Admin skills, it may take three to four months, while Salesforce Developer and Consultant skills may require five-plus months and six or more months, respectively. Trailhead, utilized by over 3 million individuals, is a recommended platform to embark on this learning journey.

Trailhead is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, regardless of background, age, gender, or beliefs. Creating a free Trailhead account (no Salesforce CRM account required) is quick and easy at

Operating on a gamification model, Trailhead awards badges and points to users as they progress through ranks. Achieving the highest rank, ‘Ranger,’ requires earning 100 badges and accumulating 50,000 points, signifying a significant accomplishment for Trailblazers.

Trailhead empowers individuals to become Trailblazers by providing in-demand skills for career transformation, globally recognized credentials, and opportunities for connection within the vibrant Trailblazer Community.

Learning is made flexible with the Trailhead mobile app, enabling users to upskill anytime and connect from anywhere.

Content updated November 2023.

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