Tectonic offers several reasons why join the Salesforce Trailblazers. It sounds a little bit like a sports team, no?

Elevate Your Salesforce Proficiency:

  • For a customer service leader, mastery of Salesforce is an essential skill set. The Service Trailblazer Community provides abundant opportunities to explore your ideal career path through engaging discussions, training sessions, and Trailhead content. This not only benefits your personal growth but also enhances your team’s capabilities, as increased Salesforce knowledge empowers you to achieve more within the platform.

“Being part of the Service Trailblazer Community greatly enhances my own Salesforce journey through connection and shared knowledge. I started with Trailhead and have guided many staff and coworkers with trails tailored to their Salesforce needs. Trailhead never disappoints me; it remains expansive, well-written, up-to-date, and relevant.”

Julie O’Donnell, Salesforce administration manager at Quickbase

Join a Supportive Community:

  • Leadership can be challenging, but it becomes more manageable when you have a support system cheering you on. The Service Trailblazer Community is a collective of peers ready to offer advice, provide encouragement, and celebrate your achievements. There are also many other Trailblazer Communities for different areas of specialty.

Shape the Future of Customer Service:

  • Active participation in the Service Trailblazer Community makes you a vital contributor to shaping the future of customer service. Your insights, feedback, and experiences play a crucial role in the continuous evolution of Salesforce technologies, ensuring they align with the real-world needs of customer service leaders.

Why join the Salesforce Trailblazers

Joining the Service Trailblazer Community propels you into a realm of collaboration, innovation, and continuous learning. So, rather than just following the trail, blaze it alongside your fellow customer Service Stars.  There is always something new to learn and with Salesforce providing three major releases a year, monthly updates, and new products, you want to stay in the know.

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