Salesforce introduces features and enhancements far more frequently than three times a year for certain products. To help you stay updated on the latest developments on Salesforce off schedule releases. Let’s deep dive into these feature enhancements, with updates occurring as frequently as monthly, right in the seasonal release notes.

As you navigate through the content, remember the following points:

  1. Distinguishing Monthly Release Notes: Monthly release notes differ from release notes for delayed features. Occasionally, a feature scheduled for a seasonal release may experience a slight delay. In such cases, the timing is explained in the “When” section of that feature’s release note.
  2. Updates to Published Release Notes: New monthly release notes are separate from changes to previously published release notes. There are instances when updates to previously published release notes are necessary for the current seasonal or monthly release. These specific changes are listed in the “Release Notes Changes” topic.
  3. Overlap of Monthly and Seasonal Releases: Monthly releases may coincide with seasonal releases. In such situations, related release notes are identified by the first full month of the seasonal release. These features become available when Salesforce rolls out the Spring ’24 release to your instance.

For instance, the Spring ’24 release commences its rollout to customer instances in mid-January 2024. Release notes for features introduced in January or February are linked under a topic named “February ’24 Release,” while those for features launched in March 2024 are found under the “March ’24 Release” topic.

Salesforce off schedule releases can really sneak up on users and admins if they don’t stay in the know.

Now you know.

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