Salesforce announces send log platform updates in Email Studio.

What Is a Send Log?

A send log is a data extension that is created to store specific data about your email sends—beyond the information already stored in tracking. Standard tracking options in Marketing Cloud Engagement store email send performance based on a job ID (or a system created ID) at the time of send. You can use a send log to track additional information about the send, based on what matters most to your business.

 send log platform updates
Marketing Cloud Engagement Email Studio.

Starting February 12, 2024, we’re upgrading the Send Log platform to improve your account’s Send log processing performance and allow access to the new High Throughput Sending feature in Journey Builder.
What are the changes?trailblazer icon
After the update, the Send Log processing times may be longer during extremely high account activity. Learn more by reviewing the Send Log Platform Update knowledge article.
What action do I take?
If the performance guidelines listed suggest the update could impact time sensitive business processes in your back-end systems, you can opt-out of the upgrade by February 9, 2024 via this form.

Otherwise, your org is upgrading to the new functionality. Send log platform updates.
Why is this change happening?trailblazer icon
We implement infrastructure changes to enhance user and customer experience.

Will the upgrade impact my service?
No, the upgrade will not cause any downtime to your organization.
How can I get more information?trailblazer icon
If you have more questions, open a case with Support via Salesforce Help.
Email Studio send log platform updates
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