Slack’s CEO Denise Dresser announced that AI will soon be integrated into every aspect of the platform, enabling users to manage tasks and launch new projects without leaving the application. This announcement highlights a significant shift towards enhancing productivity and collaboration within Slack using advanced AI capabilities. Slack Integrating AI Into Platform.

During a media session following her keynote at Salesforce’s World Tour event in Boston, Dresser outlined her vision for AI in Slack. Having taken on her role six months ago after years with Salesforce, she emphasized the integration of Slack with Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot.

Acquired by Salesforce in late 2020, Slack aims to provide a unified experience for users by leveraging AI to manage both structured and unstructured data. The goal is to help users quickly find key conversations and turn them into actionable tasks and projects. Dresser noted the challenges in navigating chat histories and identifying important moments, which AI integration aims to address.

Slack Integrating AI Into Platform

“AI can significantly drive productivity,” Dresser said. “With Slack AI Search, Slack becomes your organization’s long-term memory. It allows users to easily find what they need through generative summaries, which was a major breakthrough for us.”

Dresser highlighted the rapid adoption of AI and its integration into Slack’s functionality, leading to an evolution in skills such as prompt engineering and natural language processing. These advancements enable tasks like software creation without traditional coding methods.

She pointed out the rapid growth in AI adoption, comparing it to the adoption rates of ChatGPT, mobile phones, and Facebook. Dresser believes this trend will continue as people experience productivity improvements with AI.

AI will be embedded in various Slack features, including Canvas, Workflow, and Huddle, providing seamless assistance within the application. Users may not even realize they are interacting with AI, as it will naturally enhance Slack’s functionality. For instance, instead of manually searching through messages, AI will highlight the most important summaries.

Dresser also mentioned the newly launched Slack Lists feature, which automatically captures and surfaces key parts of channel conversations. She stressed the importance of reducing the need to switch between different applications, which can drain time and productivity. “We have millions of people working in Slack; why leave Slack?” she said. “We wanted to integrate capabilities for tasks, lists, and projects directly into Slack, starting right within conversations.”

In the future, Slack will also suggest relevant chat channels for project purposes, providing users with powerful insights and capabilities. Dresser noted that while only about a third of employees currently use AI-powered platforms, those who do report an average 81% increase in productivity by eliminating mundane tasks.

As AI continues to be embedded into Slack and Salesforce tools, Dresser acknowledged the challenge of maintaining the platform’s beloved feel and integrity. “We’ve already integrated Slack, Sales Elevate, and Salesforce. Copilot’s integration will be excellent,” she said. “We have focused on preserving the unique Slack experience, even while enhancing it with new architectural integrations. Our goal is to ensure that Slack remains efficient and productive while staying true to its core identity.”

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