The Salesforce Slack platform lets you extend, expand, and automate your workspaces all while collaborating. Slacks Next Gen Platform Released.

Slacks Next Gen Platform Released

Slack’s advanced platform, initially in the beta phase for developers, is now progressively rolling out to all teams. Following nearly three years of community-driven experimentation, development, and testing, Slack is excited for you to explore the possibilities it unlocks for your teams:

Modular Architecture: Introduce yourself to a new modular architecture rooted in building blocks like functions, triggers, and workflows. These elements are remixable, reusable, and seamlessly connect to the data flow within Slack.

Enhanced Developer Experience: Enjoy a faster, more intuitive developer interface with new tools such as the Slack CLI and TypeScript SDK. These tools simplify and clarify the often tedious aspects of building atop the Slack platform.

Secure Infrastructure: Benefit from secure deployment, data storage, and authentication powered by Slack-managed serverless infrastructure. The fast Deno-based TypeScript runtime keeps your focus on coding and user experience.

Flexible User Experience: Experience a flexible user interface that facilitates easy sharing of your creations within Slack. Introduce a link trigger to make your workflow portable—share it in messages, add it to bookmarks, incorporate it into a canvas, and more.

Slack Seeks Feedback

Acknowledging the importance of feedback from developers, admins, and users, Slack understands the challenges encountered while building custom integrations. From ensuring enterprise readiness to keeping integrations up-to-date with new Slack features, your input has guided every decision, leading them to this point.

The platform’s distinction lies in its extensive options and robust support, offering a fluid and expansive development experience. This approach has allowed Salesforce and Slack to explore innovative ways to integrate support structures directly within Slack, as echoed by Tyler Beckett, SaaS Operations Engineer at Workiva.

Slacks Next Gen Platform Released to Include More Automation

Slack’s platform is also designed to make workflows automatically extensible to the Slack surfaces of today and tomorrow. Focus on business logic, and Slack will ensure your functions and workflows seamlessly work in any new experience introduced in Slack. For example, the canvas is a new persistent surface where teams can create, curate, and share essential information like text, files, link unfurls, and more in a single view. From day one, you can embed workflows too, making it easy to discover and use them in a relevant context, such as adding an IT request workflow to an onboarding canvas.

Talk to Tectonic today about adding Salesforce Slack to your Salesforce ecosystem.

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