Enhancements for Commerce and Marketing from Salesforce in Spring ’24.

Content Creation for Engagement

Marketing Cloud

Save time using generative AI to create email content for subject lines and body copy, all while keeping the marketer in the loop.

Data Cloud Advertising with LinkedIn

Marketing Cloud

Activate unified, first-party data profiles directly from within Data Cloud in minutes to inform highly targeted advertising across LinkedIn properties. Cut wasted ad spend and speed up ROI.

Content Creation for Account Engagement

Marketing Cloud

Use generative AI to create content for landing pages, emails, and subject lines. Keep marketers in the loop every step of the way to train models and oversee outputs.

Global Promotions Management

Marketing Cloud

Build an end-to-end set of workflows to activate and analyze promotion programs. Define pricing and loyalty promotions in a single seamless experience for both loyalty members and non-loyalty members.

Unified Messaging for WhatsApp

Marketing Cloud

Turn one-way marketing promotional messages into two-way service conversations all within the same WhatsApp thread. The result: Better engagement, higher conversions, and faster resolutions.

Enhancements for Commerce and Marketing from Salesforce

Salesforce Commerce Enhancements

Commerce Cloud

Launch digital stores 77% faster with automated flows for commerce setup. Increase productivity with AI-powered semantic search, and drive growth with commerce subscriptions. Help merchants sell digital subscription products to B2B and D2C shoppers.

Order Management Enhancements

Commerce Cloud

Understand why products are returned with AI-powered insights from reviews and return codes. Create uneven exchange workflows for your service agents, and give customers an easy way to check order status.

Enterprise B2B Scale

Commerce Cloud

Meet complex needs with support for huge carts. Deliver duplicate-cart-item and split-shipment capabilities. Plus get APIs for custom promotions rules, quantity rules, and tiered pricing on cart totals.

B2C Commerce and Composable Storefront Enhancements

Commerce Cloud

Further boost merchant efficiency and scale with Storefront Preview for Composable Storefront. Get improved search performance and new admin tools in log center, control center, and eCDN.

Commerce Concierge

Commerce Cloud

Simplify B2B purchases with AI-powered conversational selling experiences. Buyers can now use plain language prompts, photos, and unstructured data to easily search for products and get personalized responses on any digital channel.

Stay tuned to Tectonic’s Insights for more details and Salesforce news. Enhancements for Commerce and Marketing from Salesforce in Spring ’24 release.

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