Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Release notes for Spring ’24 By Tectonic’s Salesforce Marketing Consultant Shannan Hearne

Highlights of Salesforce Spring ’24 Account Engagement (Pardot) Release

The upcoming Spring ’24 release brings exciting features and enhancements to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, promising a more dynamic and user-friendly experience. Here’s a preview of what to anticipate:

  • New Email Builder Teaser
    • Salesforce introduces a preview of a new email builder, offering a modern, modular building experience. Users familiar with the Pardot/Account Engagement journey can test this version, maintaining flexibility to choose between existing and new experiences when editing emails. The marketing cloud account engagement release notes provide a teaser.
  • Einstein Assistant for Account Engagement
    • Following the trend of Gen-AI technology, the year 2023 showcased Einstein GPT (Gen-AI) with applications in the Salesforce platform, particularly in Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio and Content Builder. Now, Account Engagement gets its turn with Einstein Assistant, enabling quick creation of forms, landing pages, email subject lines, and email body copy.
  • Sending Domain Updates
    • Google and Yahoo are implementing changes and guidelines to combat spam and unsolicited emails. Account Engagement (Pardot) marketers need to prepare by verifying DKIM records to signal authorization for sending emails on behalf of organizations. While announced in Spring ’24 marketing cloud account engagement release, it is also covered elsewhere in our insights.
  • Data Cloud & Email Data Integration
    • The rise of Data Cloud continues, allowing users to import email engagement data from Account Engagement into Data Cloud for profile reconciliation. This integration enhances behavioral data unification, providing a more comprehensive view of individuals across organizational systems.
  • Miscellaneous Updates
    • Twitter Connector Retirement: Twitter/X’s decision to revoke access to multiple public APIs has led to the retirement of the Twitter Connector. Social Posting features for Twitter will cease to function, and ongoing engagement statistics retrieval for published posts will no longer be available.
    • Account Engagement API Changes: For users leveraging the Account Engagement API for custom integrations, a list of new and changed items is available for review.

Preparation is key to making the most of these new features in the Spring ’24 release. Stay informed and ready to explore the enhancements for a seamless experience.  From time to time, Salesforce’s release updates will cause functionality challenges.  Tectonic is always here to help keep your Account Engagement instance running smoothly.

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