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Salesforce role hierarchy

If Not Informatica, Then Who?

What Lies Ahead for Salesforce’s Acquisition Strategy? If Not Informatica Then Who? The Breakdown: The proposed Salesforce-Informatica acquisition, which promised significant advancements in data integration, quality control, and customer insights, ultimately fell through due to disagreements over the deal’s terms. Impact on Salesforce’s Strategy: The acquisition was positioned as a strategic move for Salesforce, building

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Ensuring Salesforce Customer Satisfaction

Tectonic Acquires Sakonet

7 Mile Advisors Acts As The Exclusive Sell-Side Advisor To Sakonent In Their Acquisition By Tectonic-Tectonic Acquires Sakonet Sakonent, a Chicago-based premier CRM consultancy and provider of integrated approach to automating big data, analytics, marketing automation tools in the cloud, was acquired by Tectonic, a Denver-based technology services company. Terms of the transaction were not

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Salesforce Jigsaw

Salesforce Jigsaw, a prominent figure in cloud computing, has finalized a deal to acquire Jigsaw, a wiki-style business contact database, for $142 million. This agreement also includes an incentive component, allowing for a 10% increase in the purchase price contingent upon meeting specific performance milestones. Cloud computing stands out as the leading trend in the business

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