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The New Age of Compliance with AI

How can small businesses ensure compliance? Business in the New Age of Compliance with AI can be challenging. While larger corporations often allocate resources for extensive research and development to maintain compliance, smaller businesses may lack the means to conduct thorough due diligence. In such cases, it becomes crucial for them to pose the right

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Generative AI Regulations

How Generative AI Regulations Could Effect You

If you’re considering integrating generative artificial intelligence (GAI) tools into your business operations, you’re not alone. While these tools have the potential to boost employee productivity, concerns regarding their safety have been voiced by business leaders. Despite their utility in areas like marketing, customer service, and data insights, there is a growing demand for generative

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ethical ai consumer trust vs expectations

Ethical AI-Consumer Trust Vs Expectations

Consumer Trust and Responsible AI Implementation Ethical AI Consumer Trust vs Expectations Research indicates that while consumers have low trust in AI systems, they expect companies to use them responsibly. Around 90% of consumers believe that companies have a duty to contribute positively to society. However, despite guidance on responsible technology use, many consumers remain

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