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Salesforce and WithSecure

How does a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) safeguard their organization against malware using Salesforce as an entry point into the corporate network? WithSecure™’s CISO faced this exact challenge in 2017 when transitioning from an alternate CRM application to Salesforce. How to secure data with Salesforce and WithSecure? During a security audit, our team discovered

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Salesforce Shield Data Monitoring and Encryption

Salesforce Shield

Safeguarding your most sensitive data and proactively addressing evolving compliance and industry regulations through the implementation of Salesforce Shield can result in significant cost savings, as highlighted in Salesforce’s 2022 Top Data Security Trends report. Safeguarding with Salesforce Shield. Salesforce Shield was originally launched in 2015. Shield for Encryption Salesforce Shield allows you to encrypt

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