How does a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) safeguard their organization against malware using Salesforce as an entry point into the corporate network? WithSecure™’s CISO faced this exact challenge in 2017 when transitioning from an alternate CRM application to Salesforce. How to secure data with Salesforce and WithSecure? During a security audit, our team discovered that content entering and exiting Salesforce was not being scanned, leaving the system vulnerable to cyber threats like malware. Unable to find a suitable solution on the market, we developed our own.

WithSecure™ is a leading cybersecurity company in Europe with over 35 years of experience in IT security. Formerly known as F-Secure. We offer a robust portfolio of security products, including an end-to-end cybersecurity suite and dedicated threat hunting and consulting divisions. With ISO 27001 and ISAE 3000 (SOC 2 Type 2) certifications, our technology, cybersecurity laboratories, and scanning engines are world-class.

Our experts traveled to San Francisco and partnered with Salesforce to develop a security solution that addressed the identified gap. After internal use for several years, we launched WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce globally in 2020.

Salesforce and WithSecure, Secure Your Enterprise

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce is a Salesforce-native security tool. It operates within the Salesforce platform, requiring no special customizations, complex integrations, or external portals. This plug-in solution can be easily downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange and deployed in under 20 minutes.

As an ISV partner for Salesforce, WithSecure™’s tool is fully compatible and monitored by Salesforce. Our code undergoes regular review by Salesforce to ensure it meets the safety standards for all customers.

WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce operates efficiently in the cloud without performance overheads. It scans files and URLs uploaded to your company’s Salesforce cloud storage areas, providing real-time protection tailored for Salesforce environments.

When suspicious content is detected, the tool quarantines the file or link while alerting administrators. As your Salesforce project expands, our solution scales seamlessly to offer continuous, real-time visibility into file and URL activity within the evolving ecosystem.

Our tool checks link validity in real-time to halt even morphing malicious URLs. We provide advanced security analytics with comprehensive audit trails, empowering your security team to investigate incidents efficiently. Integration with SIEM and other third-party security systems is straightforward, allowing seamless metadata, alert, and workflow integration.

Discover how leading organizations leverage WithSecure™ Cloud Protection for Salesforce.

To learn more, download our latest ebook:

Securing Salesforce: Know Your Responsibilities, Protect Your Data.

Think your Salesforce data is secure? Think again. Learn more about your security responsibilities and how to safeguard your valuable data. Salesforce and WithSecure.

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