Distributed Marketing encompasses a suite of tools, workflows, and interfaces that enable users to access, interact with, and disseminate Marketing Cloud Engagement content seamlessly from within their CRM environment. It empowers users to effectively engage with their client base, whether individually or by segments. What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce?

Distributed marketing software, on the other hand, refers to the array of technology, tools, and platforms utilized by marketers to amplify personalized advertising and promotional content across various distribution channels.

What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce

So, what sets Marketing Cloud apart from distributed marketing? In Marketing Cloud, configuring requires administrative privileges and the ability to install packages. In contrast, Distributed Marketing leverages Marketing Cloud journeys and Salesforce campaigns within Sales, Service, Financial Services, and Experience Clouds.

Enter Distributed Marketing from Salesforce. It enables non-marketers to effortlessly inform, market, and sell to their clientele at scale. As consumers seek connected, relevant, and convenient interactions with brands, delivering seamless engagement experiences becomes imperative. However, for organizations operating through extensive partner networks like franchisees, financial advisors, or resellers, ensuring consistent consumer engagement at scale presents a significant challenge.

What is Distributed Marketing in Salesforce

Distributed Marketing from Salesforce simplifies the process for brands to deliver uniform experiences across both corporate marketing and partner networks.

  • Empowering teams with Marketing Cloud: Corporate marketers can create and deploy consumer journeys to advisors, owners, and partners using Journey Builder.
  • Connecting campaigns: Marketers can seamlessly connect journeys created in Marketing Cloud to the Salesforce campaigns used daily by advisors, owners, or partners.
  • Accessing Marketing Cloud journeys: Advisors, owners, and partners can access pre-built journeys created by the corporate marketing team within the cloud they use daily, enabling them to activate relevant journeys for their customers or prospects.
  • Personalizing messages: Advisors, owners, and partners have the flexibility to edit each message within the journey to ensure personalized communication with individual contacts.
  • Selecting contacts: Based on recent interactions, advisors, owners, or partners can approve or reject contacts eligible for specific journeys, ensuring targeted communication.
  • Previewing emails: Personalized messages can be previewed by email address to ensure tailored content before activation.
  • Understanding engagement: Advisors, owners, and partners gain insights into journey and message performance, facilitating informed decisions and adjustments for optimal engagement.

Distributed Marketing empowers corporate marketers to extend their marketing initiatives to channel partners seamlessly. By providing partners with access to content and campaigns, corporate marketers can enhance marketing reach, address lead generation challenges, and mitigate inconsistent communication, ultimately driving consumer engagement and increasing channel ROI.

Content updated February 2024.

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